How Strictly Do Corporates and Organizations Follow Background Verification Checks?

There is a reason why the call to Background checks and criminal verification are on the rise these days. Every Organization of any sector is always in the lookout for their next great hire. In situations like this the chances of bringing in a candidate who is rightfully not eligible to your Organization in every way can end up leading your Organization to the pitfall. After all one stupid mistake can bring down all that you’ve earned for your company. Background verification methods ensure that only eligible candidates with accurate and honest bonafide credentials can join a Corporation. As much as we hate to mention it there are some very closely maintained private places that offer fake certificates and documents to candidates in exchange for money. Blame the desperate students and candidates who are apparently ready to do anything that would get them inside a corporate company. For safety and reputation it is highly sensible to be skeptical about every job seeking candidate or anybody at all who place their interest to be part of your company. What if their identification is false?

To whom the background verification may concern:

  • Fresher joining after Campus Placement
  • Off-campus Hires
  • Lateral Hires
  • Contract Hires
  • Re-joinees
  • Onsite Rehires
Education Verification:

Employers will check an applicant’s educational documents starting from SSLC documents to Graduate documents. This process is a regular routine that is followed in almost every middle scale to large scale company. However this process is simply not enough to pick an honest candidate. There are a lot of areas where you can go wrong with this process as an employer. Employers use the submitted documents for a glance and you can mighty go wrong by picking a candidate who has submitted a false proof document. So what is the right way to approach this?

An employer is advised to use a trusted background verification company to run education background verification on every candidate who approaches them or also on individuals or teams or even company’s who approach them with an interest to be business partners. What better place to place your trust than Fourth Force? Fourth Force India’s No.1 background verification agency, with their top-notch verification service and with their specialized methodologies does the right job for you by clearing all your clarifications before you hire the candidate.

      Are the candidate’s documents honest?
      Is the candidate you picked really a graduate from the University he/she claims to be graduated from?
      Are your candidate’s claims on previous employment true?
      Are you sure your prospect candidate does not hold any criminal records?

Fourth Force has got you covered to answer every one of the serious issues mentioned above. Through direct field verification every issue is picked and peeled to give you accurate information that could save your company’s future.

Employment Verification:

Confirming a job candidate’s previous work experience is an important background check every employer should check. Here are some of the issues that employers might enquire about while verifying on the candidates who approach the company looking for a job.

      Job role and performance
      Why the candidate left the previous company?
      Whether he/she was terminated for any particular cause
      Educational degrees and certificates
      Check whether the employee is eligible for rehire

On a general note when an employer is trying to hire a heavy number of employees there are a lot of chances of losing sight over some very crucial background and personality factors. Where is the time after all? But this could severely cost the concerned company on various levels. To overcome this concern every organization is advised to hire a background screening company to run the background verification. The past and pre-employment verification can be done by Fourth Force who will give the employment verification process a through washout and with reports conducted over physical field verification.

Criminal Background Checks:

Organizations should be aware that criminal background checks are very necessary when hiring a candidate. It’s impossible to conduct criminal background verification on the employee inside four walls, and trying to get all the honest details by just talking to the candidate will never be fruitful. So who exactly can access the exact possible-criminal records of a candidate? Police officers or some other government agencies can run the criminal background checks. Where to find them? How can you easily approach them? Here’s where Fourth Force reaches you.
Fourth Force’s background verification team has professional ex-police (retired) officers who can easily get the applicant’s criminal records, just in time for you to make the right decision.

Gap Analysis:

If an employer is approached by a candidate with 2 or more years of employment gap then it is highly necessary an Organization and an employer get skeptical about it. It is important that every employer identifies this factor and analyze the root cause behind this long employment gap. The candidate might say that the employment gap is due to medical or travel reasons? But how sure can an employer be about this claim?

Many of the IT services companies are very strict about the background verification as their stature with their clients is at stake if a wrong decision is made. To conduct background verification process, many corporate concerns call Fourth Force’s background verification team to run background screening process and get a reliable and efficient report. It is time you pick Fourth Force to strengthen your employment process.

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