What are the procedures handled in Pre-Employment Background Check?

Background checks are a part of recruitment process to find out resume and credential frauds, any job offer made to these job candidates will be contingent on the satisfactory results of the background check, a candidate who is willing to be background checked will only be considered for employment.

“Every minute detail of your background will be covered in Pre-Employment Background Check”.

Employers in general require candidates application for several legal reasons, what Fourth Force suggest to employees is that they should be scrupulously honest in any paperwork they submit during the interview process.

Be honest and claim that’s only true, submit a perfect paper work during hiring process, in case if there is any red flag it’s better to disclose it during the interview process, suppose if it’s found during background check then it might lead you to disqualification. It costs you nothing to be honest.

Ok, just give it thinking? If they are checking your background, they probably want to work with you, so never hesitate to disclose your past, many organizations have no issues with your problems disclosed during the background check as long as they feel it does not have any impact on the position, but if you’re hiding it and if they find it out then you are done.

When a candidate is selected and an offer is made to him/her, the hiring person will notify candidate with the following information:

The job offer is contingent only when the candidate clears the pre-employment screening with satisfactory results of a background check.

The HR supervisor will send an e-mail to the candidate with attached Background Check Disclosure and Authorization Form links. The candidate should fill the form, review and submit it online to proceed with background check.

In case, if the candidate does not consent for a background check, the HR person will inform the candidate that in accordance with company policy, she/he will not be considered for employment unless she/he complies with the background check requirement.

The candidate’s background check details will be kept highly confidential. This information will be viewed by or shared with only with HR employees who have direct responsibility in the hiring process and those who have a need to know.

“Dr Saleem Ali, chairman and MD, Fourth Force says that the chances of people not being honest about their work qualification are close to 47%. “

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