Hire Your Employee after a Safe and Proper Background Check

A background check can be carried out in different ways, At Fourth Force we perform a genuine physical field check by verifying the background history of a person. Fourth Force believes that background checks are important for strategic business planning.

Most of the fortune 500 companies have certain credentials before hiring an employee, the candidates have to undergo certain criminal and background verification as a condition of employment. A background check on employee usually refers to the completion of one or more of the following:

fourthforce-investigation-service Address History Verification

fourthforce-investigation-service Employment History Verification

fourthforce-investigation-service Drivers License Record Check

fourthforce-investigation-service Education Verification

fourthforce-investigation-service Professional Reference checks

Pre-employment background checks are an integral part of any hiring process to avoid a bad hire, this is an important strategy carried out by Human resources, these checks reveal the applicant’s past. The background checks on employees are performed by experienced and trained professionals at Forth Force.

Every Background check agencies have their own information collection policies.

Why Employee Background Checks are important?

A company or an organization needs to know if an applicant has an undisclosed criminal background. Employee background check information will depend to some extent on the employer and the job involved.

Fourth Force is powered by former investigation, intelligence and law enforcement officers with notable achievements under their belt. Some of them come with honors like the ‘President’s Police Medal for Distinguished Service’ and Police Medal for Meritorious Service.

In a complex country like India, fourth Force can provide a nationwide network of 29 state offices and a ground force of 100+ former police officials with vast experience can deliver truly authentic and reliable background physical field verification.

Employers in general run a background check looking for:

fourthforce-reports Salary history

fourthforce-reports Criminal activity

fourthforce-reports Credit scores

fourthforce-reports Professional licenses

fourthforce-reports Designations

fourthforce-reports Professional and Personal references.

Just because unfavorable things shows up in the background check doesn’t mean that you will not get hired, the employers go through this background check report and if your job designation has nothing to do with your past then you are most likely to be selected for the particular position.

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