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Staged accidents to fake affidavits and falsified reports- Fourth Force has efficiently handled them all, effectively minimizing their effect on business assets.

Success with Banks / NPA cases
Success with Banks / NPA cases

Bad loans continue to be a big headache for banks and they are utilizing the services of private detective agencies to track the whereabouts of the NPA (Non Performing Asset) borrower/guarantor to the loan. Of late, FourthForce ventured into the arena of banking sector and have entered into agreement with some nationalized banks.

In one such case, our detectives were able to locate some of the additional properties that the defaulter company based in Bhopal, held in Kerala. This was made possible due to our pan India presence. In another case, Fourth Force was successful in tracking around 25 additional properties which were not known to the bank. Our detectives’ inputs have facilitated the bank to approach the Debts Recovery Tribunal (DRT) for attachment and recovery of the dues. (Fourth Force is registered with the Association of Private Detective and Investigators India (APDI) vide membership No. CM-APDI/301. In the field of banking, we have competent persons having experience of 35-40 years in investigating banking irregularities, especially NPAs, while working in CBI/Banks.)

Fire Accident Claim Insurance Verification
A fire accident that wasn’t

Fourth Force investigated 13 cases out of which 6 cases pertained to fire accidents. Due to the facts unearthed during the intense verification and investigation conducted by the team, they were proved ineligible and saved Rs 2.20 crores on claims for our clients.

Document Verification for property and other

Fourth Force handled the Pay and Recovery cases for our clients. Of these, 25 cases involved dealing with property documents exceeding Rs. 8 Crores were made available to our clients for recovery by the defaulters. Due to the investigation prowess of the Team, our clients saved up to Rs.2 crores on claims.

Motor Accident Claim Insurance Verification
Difficult Terrain

Fourth Force handled extreme weather conditions to carry out investigations and delivered the desired results for our client at Kargil for a Motor Accident Claims Tribunal (MACT) in the month of September. The activities stretched for three days and the temperatures at some of these places were below 20degrees Celsius.

Fourth Force has investigated a case for one of our client in Chhattisgarh Naxalite area where other investigators cannot reach.

Fake Certificate & Pan Card Verification
Fake Death Claim

The insured party was a 58- year old widow who had nominated her 31- year old grandson for Life Insurance. In his Death Claim, the grandson declared that the insured was a Diploma Holder and owned an Electronic Shop .He even produced her PAN Card and related documents for verification. Fourth Force undertook the authentication of these documents and unearthed information that lead them to the Insured who was found alive and had relocated to a different address. The bogus documents and mala fide intentions were effectively exposed and helped the Insurance Company reject the Claim.

Case Studies

  • Case 1 - When time stood still.

    Fourth Force was summoned by the Insurance Provider after the Insured Party- a Watch Dealer in Varanasi reported a theft of 484 watches and claimed Burglary Insurance. A thorough investigation revealed several discrepancies which included the absence of the Security Guard at the time of the theft and the missing burglar alarm at the site. The Fourth Force team, comprising of former Police Officers effectively coordinated with the local Police providing information that helped in the recovery of 312 watches and the arrest of the accused even as their collective effort saved the Insurance Company from a costly Claim.

  • Case 2 - No smoke. No fire.

    Case 2A
    A major fire accident was reported by the insured at a Plant Site in Durg, Madhya Pradesh. This Plant was commissioned in accordance with the Chattisgarh Solar Policy to supply power to the Chhattisgarh State Power Distribution Company Limited (CPDCL) in three phases of 10 MWs each. The accident happened after the Plant supplied 30 MWs. Intense investigations with photographs to support revealed several security lapses besides arbitrary reports on the accident. Fourth Force helped the Insurance Provider reject the Claim with fortified verification results.

    Case 2B
    A devastating fire at an Agro Industry in Vidisha resulted in complete loss of the building, machinery and stocks. Fourth Force uncovered facts that helped the Insurance Company handle the Claim cost-effectively.

  • Case 3 - Vehicle Hijacking.

    Case 3A
    FourthForce handled a case of a hijacked vehicle of one of the leading tobacco companies carrying 815 cartons of Capson Cigarettes worth Rs. 3,33,77,575.20. The vehicle was hijacked by unknown persons near Khuri, Rajasthan. Our investigators were able to track down the driver and cleaner of the hijacked vehicle and they made a summary of the whole incident. The local police were informed accordingly and on the basis of the inputs provided by Forth Force they (the local police) activated the process of investigation and managed to take into custody the suspected accused persons. Needless to state, Fourthforce has been instrumental in locating hijacked vehicles with consignments of various clients of different insurance companies . One of the recent incidents is the apprehension of a vehicle at Meerut carrying consignment of 646 CFC goods recovered by the Crime Branch team with our help. Our close coordination with the local police has facilitated different Insurance Companies in various cases to track downs the hijacked vehicles and recover the stolen goods.

    Case 3B
    A truck transporting liquor from Raipur to Azamgarh was intercepted and hijacked. The Fourth Force Team from Lucknow unearthed all the relevant facts efficiently and proved that the Truck Driver’s License and name were fake and that the hijack was a conspiracy between him and the Consigner.