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To become a Market Leader by providing verification services that adhere to Industry best practices and global standards for effective fool-proof risk mitigation and contribute towards the protection of business value and safety of all the customers, vendors and employees.

Verification Services Company for Employee and other Industry
Online Verification Services

Our Mission


Deliver value to Clients by providing reliable verification services with engaged employees and expertise to mitigate risks in accessible, cost-effective ways.


Honouring every commitment and expectation.
Conducting business with the highest levels of ethics and performance standards.
Handling and maintaining the privacy and confidentiality in dealing with data.

The very foundation on which Fourth Force has built its reputation.


In every interaction and to business goals to be accomplished.

Code of Conduct

Acting with honesty and complying with professional and legal standards in interactions with partners, vendors, customers, and employees.


Delivering results that matter.

AdvantageFourth Force

Truth verified through On-site and in-person Verifications –not through desk-based research results or identification of reliable sources alone.
Multi-disciplinary expertise backed by experience.
Customized Solutions with insight for fast- paced global businesses.
Legalities adhered to at every step of the way.
State-of-the-art accountability.
Clear processes and precise metrics.
Single-point contact that makes coordination and reporting fast and quick.
Competitive pricing.
Enhanced customer experience.
Verification Services Company in Chennai, Bangalore, Bhopal, Kolkatta, Mumbai, New Delhi



Since its inception, Fourth Force has benefited from a superior, well experienced and qualified Executive Leadership Team who contribute to the overall strategy, vision and focus necessary for the delivery of value.

CEO of Fourth Force Verification Services
Mr. Jayaprakash

Founder & CEO

North West Director of Fourth Force Verification Company
Mr. SK Peshin

North & West

Central East Director of Fourth Force Verification Services
Mr. Mukesh Chander Sahni

Director - Central & East

Southzone Director of Fourth Force Employee Verification Services
Mr. G Manoharan

South Zone

Southzone Director of Fourth Force Employee Verification Services
Dr. Subodh Nagwekar

Senior Manager
- Operations




Fourth Force is also an active Member of Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and The Associated Chambers of Commerce of India (ASSOCHAM); Oldest, Leading, largest and Apex Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India.



Fourth Force works with a team of experts and professionals with over a decade’s experience in the verification industry.

Verification Services New Delhi
Dilip Kumar

Role :- Operations Head

Phone :- +91 9445045311
E-Mail :- dilip.kumar@fourthforce.in

Employee Verification Company New Delhi
Ashish Kumar

Role :- Business Development

Phone :- +91 9445398511
E-Mail :- ashish.kumar@fourthforce.in

Verification Services Bhopal
Mukesh Chander Sahni

Role :- Operations Head (I/C)

Phone :- +91 9445398536
E-Mail :- mukesh.chandersahni@fourthforce.in

Employee Verification Company Bhopal
Ashish Kumar

Role :- Business Development

Phone :- +91 9445398511
E-Mail :- ashish.kumar@fourthforce.in

Verification Services Mumbai
Pankaj Sukhwani

Role :- VP- Operations & Business Development

Phone :- +91 9445398535
E-Mail :- pankaj.s@fourthforce.in

Verification Services Kolkata
Prashant Dubey

Role :- Operation Head-EAST&NORTH EAST

Phone :- +91 9445045312
E-Mail :- prashant.dubey@fourthforce.in

Verification Services Chennai
Rohini Kumar

Role :- Operation Head - SOUTH 1

Phone :- +91 9445398537
E-Mail :- rohinikumar.r@fourthforce.in

Employee Verification Company Chennai
Dwarak P

Role :- Business Head - SOUTH 1

Phone :- +91 9445398507
E-Mail :- dwarak.p@fourthforce.in

Verification Services Bangalore
Mahesh Kumar K

Role :- Operation Head - SOUTH 2

Phone :- +91 9445045313
E-Mail :- mahesh.k@fourthforce.in

Employee Verification Company Bangalore
Parigi Venugopal Rao

Role :- Business Head - SOUTH 2

Phone :- +91 9445398534
E-Mail :- parigi.venugopalarao@fourthforce.in