Things to know before conducting Background check

At Fourth Force we offer an extensive range of verifications services for corporates. We also offer background checks that cover external corporate resources like vendors and distributors, and domestic services resources like maids and drivers.

Consider if you end up hiring a wrong person, what will happen to your business with an employee who steals from you , your other employees or customers, it will bring a bad name to your brand.

The following are the list of things to know about background check,

Employment Criminal Background Checks

Verifications on Education qualification, Employment and License

  • Education Qualification Verification
  • Employment History Check
  • State wise License Verification
  • Professional Reference Checks
  • Credential Verifications

Employment Eligibility Check

  • Proximity of Employee claims

Credit Reports & Other Background Checks

At fourth Force every other verification is carried out under the close supervision of our state and zonal heads. This ensures a clinical thoroughness that no other company can match. It also ensures that the background information we give you is 100% goof-proofs. As professionals with a sound understanding of the latest regulations, you can be sure that what we do and how we do it is secure and compliant.

Fourth Force does not employ the services of third parties. Instead, we’ve extended our footprint to every state in India with offices in every state capital. That’s 29 offices in total. We also have a growing ground force of over 100 former police personnel. So, whichever part of the country you need verifications done, we’re fully equipped to do it. And do it reliably.

Dealers/Distributors & Suppliers Background Checks

Before shopping a used car from an authorized dealership there are other options you might take into account. You might recollect ideas from friends and loved ones, looking up the labeled commercials in local directories, or purchasing online. However shopping a pre-owned car from a licensed vendor/supplier makes excellent feel considering the fact that there is a lesser danger of getting a lemon.

Purchasing a pre-owned car shouldn’t be effortless unless you have thorough understanding on the historical past of the car. Dealerships will mainly habits technical and other background verification for the car, making sure it’s excellent. You would make a care for an exclusive get together, however on this case, there’s a chance of getting defrauded – if the vehicle used to be a stolen one or has liens, it’ll drag you in to authorized combat.

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