How Do Background Check Works

“Background checks are basically background investigation of a person you are interested to get to know the past details or records of. These background searches are usually made to know if a person has any criminal records, police warrants, arrest records, bankruptcy charges etc.”

In today’s world there are so many fraudulence happening, to avoid this so many concern and individuals are preferring third party agents to give a good conduct about the guy or girl whom they have hired. It’s nothing but cross verifying the claims of an individual.

Different types of background checks done by fourth force:

  • Educational qualification check
  • Professional Licenses / Certificate
  • Criminal Background
  • Past Employment
  • Address Verification
  • Antecedent verification
  • Identity checks
  • Security Verification
  • Cabs
  • Insurance investigation
  • Logistic
  • Suppliers / vendors
  • Distributors
  • Bank collateral guarantee
  • Post warehouse leasing
  • Matrimonial
  • Bank Security

Now I will explain about the few background checks done by fourth force

Employer background check

As soon as the candidate is selected in a particular concern the employer will ask the person to submit the photocopy of all the documents such as employment history, education qualifications, medical history, criminal record, address verification and so on.

Once these documents have been received from the candidate the employer will start the background verification, the employer may choose to conduct their own background check or else they will hand it over to the agency. But in most of the cases CMMM Level 1 to 4 will have the background check on their own and CMMM Level 5 will do the background check through agencies

What is CMM?

CMM – It is a well defined path toward achieving a mature software process. Each maturity level provides a layer in the foundation for continuous process improvement.

There are five maturity levels designated by the numbers 1 through 5

  • Initial
  • Managed
  • Defined
  • Quantitatively Managed
  • Optimizing

Once all the documents has been verified by the agencies the report will be given to the employer stating that the information provided by the candidate states either TRUE OR FALSE and whether the candidate meets the expectations or not.

If the information stated was in a good conduct then the candidate can join and proceed in the concern but if the statement is false from the agency then they will be terminated, in most of the cases the basic background verification will be done before the offer letter has been received. In another scenario the entire background verification check will be done once they join in the concern. The educational qualification check, professional certificate, Criminal background, past employment, Address verification, and identity check will be done under employment screening.


In olden days when they are in need of bride and groom they get married within the close acquaintances, families and friends so there is no chance of fraudulence taking place but in today’s modern world most of the matches are found through online match making website and through brokers hence you are taking a chance of risk because the information shared by the website or through brokers will not be 100% true and they might be lying to you about their financial position and in worst cases they might even be married or he or she may be a divorcee. So in order to escape such issues after the marriage the family and relatives need to consult with the detective agency in order to get a proper verification about the concern person.

I will share some ways to obtain information about the potential match.

  • Social networking sites – This helps you to understand your compatibility with the other person.

  • Internet – We can check the person’s online footprints

  • Different social circles – There will always be a connection when you attend a party in such cases we can have touch with these people and talk about the prospective match

  • Workplace Input – It is the best place to extract the information’s about them

  • Honey track and character check – This is used to check about the person quality and nature

“Marriage with a wrong person can leave lifelong scars. So, do not scrimp on this background check!”

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