Facts You Should Know About the Insurance Background Checks

All too often money turns into the riding motivation for all criminals to reach out for criminal acts. Before getting in detail about insurance frauds and malpractices we have to know about the term insurance and its needs.

“Justice is the insurance which we have on our lives and property. Obedience is the premium which we pay for it.” -William Penn

Before making insurance, Clients as well as the Insurance Company should have a mutual understanding between them to know about how the whole process works. When it comes to running background verification in the insurance industry there is a lot to protect. You must protect the company’s integrity and the Client’s financial position as well. Insurance industry is structured with government policies and regulations.

If you are in need to run a background check on Insurance industry you must compliance with government regulations. In this way Fourth Force, a leading background verification company in Chennai will develop an effective and efficient insurance background screening based on your requirements through physical field verification process. Fourth Force is India’s leading background verification company maintained and serviced by a team of ex-police officials.

Background verification service against Insurance Fraud

Insurance protection against risks to property, such as fire, theft and some weather damage is called as property insurance. Before the settlement, the insurance company will conduct a background screening about the nature of the incident. Given this to Fourth Force the incident is bent and flexed the real reason behind the incident and the people behind the incident are pointed out and verified- and all of this through complete physical field verification.

Verify before you trust

A person named Polo claimed for property insurance in XXX insurance company. Polo contacted the XXX insurance office to claim the insurance amount for a fire accident that happened in his commercial place. He complained that the fire accident occurred due to an electricity leakage in his place. The XXX insurance company contacted Fourth Force with a request to run a background check on Polo’s complaint immediately. Without a thorough background check, the insurance company refused to act on the claims made by the customer. Fourth Force team quickly fixed up a tailor-made background verification process and in just a day’s time submitted the reports to the XXX insurance company. Based on the reports submitted by Fourth Force the XXX insurance company found that the whole accident was a fake story created by Polo. Based on Fourth Force’s verification the insurance company learnt that there the place where Polo claimed with the accident case does not even have connected electricity for quite a long time. When there is no electricity in the town then how will electricity leakage happen? Here the Fourth Force helped the insurance company to save their money against this insurance fraud.

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