Dangers Faced by MNC’s When Hiring Employees Without Any Background Verification

A background check is undoubtedly one of the excellent hazard-free administration defense methods against misplaced earnings and workplace violence and it is something that’s particularly imperative to hire trust worthy candidates. Investigating a job applicant’s background helps an Organization in safeguarding the intimate information and belongings, and above all to avoid the entry of a person who is not what they claim to be.

There are more pros of using background check on employees such as,

  • It helps to increase the reliable employees
  • It works against the workplace violence
  • It protects the business from negligence hiring
  • It avoids negative publicity
  • It helps to improve regulatory compliance
  • It improves safety and security

But most of the companies in India do not run a background check when hiring a new employee.

Recently I had come across an incident faced by an MNC Company in Hyderabad. The leading AAA Company (MNC) was in an urgent consequence to recruit a person to be placed in a senior level position with a salary over Rs.35 Lakhs per annum. Quite a many candidates queued to apply for this position and later on the HR team had screened one of the candidates for the position, and after some basic processing the candidate was eventually picked for the job.

After three months one of the big projects was terminated due to the newly hired candidate’s negligence and he was thrown a warning. In another scenario, the candidate was late to the office and took a long leave without any prior permission. The organization was skeptical and went about to enquire to find the reason behind the candidate’s negligent behavior. Upon background checking the candidate the Organization came to know that the candidate’s wife had divorced him because he was not truly qualified with a degree that his documents apparently claim. Only then the organization came to know that he had not even passed his diploma but submitted his graduation certificates.

“In the discovery of secret things and in the investigation of hidden causes, stronger reasons are obtained from sure experiments and demonstrated arguments than from probable conjectures and the opinions of philosophical speculators of the common sort.” -William Gilbert

How can all of this be solved??? How can this kind of similar situations are avoided. The only solution is by background screening services. Fourth Force, the leading, trusted, reliable background verification agency offers dedicated services through physical field verification. Even though the pre-employment screening and background checks are important, the periodical background screening is highly recommended and pivotal. Understanding this, Fourth Force has consistently put them forward to provide best in class services.

“Action speaks louder than words” – Likewise physical field verification gives 100% true records rather than online and phone call verifications. This is what Fourth Force believes in. This is what Fourth Force does for you!

Fourth Force will render reports on claimed records of the employees with thorough background verification techniques in a neat and extraordinary manner. Fourth force involves in all kinds of background check services like employee background verification, Pre-employment verification, Identity Checks, Criminal background verification.

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