Protect Your Company from Insurance Fraud, Theft and Forgery: Time for a Background Check

“Truth never lost ground by enquiry’ – Fourth Force brings it out

A busy department of an insurance company answering claims, and I, Rahul, senior claims consultant, sit amidst all the heat and cacophony. In stepped, Mr. Mukund Murali, a Leather business man, who with a fretful tone opened up about the full insurance claim that he needed for his high-end Luxury car which has been gutted in a cause unknown fire the day before. His impeccable dressing, mellifluous flow of language, decorum in speech mirrored his immaculate and pristine nature. After certain formalities and a mandatory visit to the spot, I promised that the reports would reach him in near future. It was rather shocking to witness a half a crore worth car engulfed completely in flames. The seats, bonnet, engine and so on were completely gutted.

I assigned Mr. X from Fourth Force to conduct the verification before the insurance assistance would be granted. Fourth Force, run by former CBI RAW and Police officials, located at 29 offices across India, with cost effective services has always been our reliable verification agency.

The verification process by Fourth Force had got over at the exact accident spot the next day. As I and Mr.Mukund were waiting for Mr.X’s arrival from Fourth Force, the man started complaining about the agonizing silly questions that Mr.X had asked him during investigation. Soon, the Fourth Force personnel arrived and asked Mr.Mukund to sign a sheet of paper that lay on the table. No sooner had Mr.Mukund lifted his pen to sign, than the paper burnt to ashes, all in a jiffy. “Willy pete !!!” exclaimed Mr.X from Fourth Force, putting out a yellow streak on Mr.Mukund’s face.

The Fourth Force personnel, Mr.X, a former CBI employee used the help of the Fourth Force’s web network all over India to investigate the issue. The well-experienced employees are well educated and are aware of the usual modus operandi, that comes to play.

Mr.X narrated the shocking investigation. Initially, Mr.Mukund admitted to have driven the car himself to a nearby location, the previous day and returned late night and parked it as usual in the porch, in his bungalow. At around 3 am the car caught fire. Mukund suspected his business foes, but was skeptical about a Police complaint. Instead he wanted a full insurance claim to buy another car and solve the issue amicably.

However, a clear investigation revealed that the car was not driven back home, but was towed back home, late in the night through the nearby slushy ground. Since the front two wheels were off-ground as they were hooked to the towing vehicle, they had no impressions of filth and slush, unlike the rear wheels. Moreover, the local luxury car service provider, when investigated, admitted to have said the owners that the engine ( which amounts to three-fourth the car’s price) has severely been damaged owing to frequent off-road adventures (Mr.Mukund’s son often drove it in water, sand and all terrains for thrill). When Mr.X stepped in to his son’s living room he smelt garlic contradicting the fact that Mukund’s son was out of town. Mukund’s son, a Chemical Sciences student had clearly used white phosphorus powder (willy pete in slang), which smelt like garlic, to set the automatic blaze of the car. He sprinkled it, dipped in water over the entire car and inside the bonnet, so that the car would be gutted and they could claim the entire amount and buy another new car.

Mr. Mukund was bent down in shame. Thanks to Fourth Force (Insurance Verification) for such a clear and scientific verification. I, as a senior claims consultant would always recommend Fourth Force to all my colleagues and my company’s nation-wide branches. I shook hands with deep gratitude to Mr.X of Fourth Force and he murmured:

“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”
-Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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