Negligent Hiring can hurt you! Conduct background checking with Fourth Force

Cost consciousness and tight timeline for hiring; entice recruiters to go easy in verification checks. In a developing country like India, recruiters go hasty in hiring candidates for their concerns. But are they truly beneficial for them? Is it safe to hire a candidate without a thorough check on his credentials?

Cases of Negligent Hiring:

•An agency recruited an employee as a controller in a finance department. After thorough background checking, the concern discovered that the employee had pilfered thousands of dollars.

•In 2008, a timber company was accountable for an accident caused by his truck driver. Later evidences from a background check revealed that the driver had received two license revocations.

•A manufacturing company perceived a large amount of product being disappearing before reaching the customer. A detailed check on the suspicious staffs helped the firm to find out the criminal behind the scene.

It is high time that the employers undertake stringent steps to confirm what potential hires have told them on the interviews and also in their resumes. Background screening not only checks this genuinity but also undertakes performance-based reference checking to ensure that the candidate has the potentiality to fulfill his/her claims.

The background screening usually undertakes the following exhaustive processes:
•Comprehensive Interview
•Perform Drug Screening
•Honesty Tests
•Criminal Histories
•Check Employment References
•Perform Credit Checks

So even after conducting a diligent candidate selection process, hiring someone without conducting a thorough check on his/her background can lead to major financial and legal ramifications for recruiters. So it is essential that the employers perform pre-employment checks to avoid consequences of negligent hiring. The greater the position, the more effort must be made to investigate the candidate’s background.

Though there are several background companies in India, Fourth Force excels from others. Fourth Force has a team of 400+ disciplined, reliable staffs, which includes dedicated high profile professionals with several years of experience in sectors like CBI, Police and RAW. With more than 4000+ man years of skill, they can definitely help you bring changes to your business. Regardless of the nature and size of your business, Fourth Force specializes in conducting diverse range of verification services. Some of the background screening services provided by them include, Cab Driver Background Checks, Antecedent verification, Identity checks and Insurance Claim investigation.

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