Stay Peaceful by Conducting Antecedent Verification on your Employee

With the prelude of several unregistered private agencies and companies, crime count in the country has been soaring rapidly. Moreover inadequate resources about these concerns for the regulatory body benefit the unscrupulous to commit more crimes in the society. In India there are about 70% of unregistered companies operating throughout the country.

A thorough check on the employee’s background should be undertaken by both private and public companies operating in the country. Failure can result in catastrophic incidents. For instance, a private cab agency, Uber has been held responsible for the rape committed by his employee. Despite being filed an FIR, this culprit was issued a character certificate by deputy commissioner of police.

Today this company is facing serious challenges for being negligent in knowing the know-how of his employee. The Government Issue character certificate without checking the authenticity of the addresses and verification with neighbors; if had that been done, this culprit’s previous rape would have come to light. This is not the case just with Uber, but several concerns today are often hiring candidates in a mad rush without reflecting on the deadly consequences they might witness.

Additionally the government does not have an effective mechanism for verifying the employees hired by the agencies, who come from States namely Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Thus Antecedent verification should be made mandatory for all the outsourced staffs.

Exhaustive antecedent verification can benefit you in various ways:
•Safeguards concerns assets
•Inspires confidence among your customers and shareholders
•Promotes safety at your workplace
•Reduces turnover by right hiring
•Protects your reputation

Lack of Resources:

Today many job portals such as Naukri and Monster alert companies about fraud employees by blacklisting them. But this isn’t sufficient for carrying out check! Moreover there is no centralized repository of information for the IT and non IT companies to ascertain the details of fraudulent employees. This makes the process of background verification cumbersome and difficult to carry out.

The best solution to tackle such repercussion is to hire the services of Background Verification companies. Fourth Force is one of the leading Background verification company in India. They are known for cracking down several successful economic crimes in the country. Their force undertakes background screening for various sectors, insurance, banking, distributors, vendors, suppliers and employers. Fourth Force undertakes several services such as Antecedent verification, Bank security, Post warehouse leasing verification, Employment Verification, Distributors/suppliers/vendors verification, Identity checks, Cab Driver Background Checks. Truth gets verified with Fourth Force!

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