Background Verification is a key to Quality Hiring

One-fourth of the employers conduct criminal background checks on applicants because they are hiring huge employees’ day-by-day. Employers are no stranger to hire an individual who have convicted of a crime or detained. Recently we came across the news that hundreds of employees are terminated due to producing the fake documents. This fault is noticed later on through the background verification process conducted by that firm. After that incident, every firm in India has been conducting the background verification to hire quality and trustworthy candidates for all jobs. From this incident we can strongly say that background verification helps to demote the fudged resumes and fraudulent acts.

Background Check is a Key to Quality Hiring:

Ofcourse background check deals with quality and reliability. It is important to establish the balance between time spent on recruiting process and having a positive candidate experience. Background check may vary from organization to organization and also from state to state.

Here are a few things that will be checked while hiring:
• Former addresses
• Credit history
• Former employment
• Length of employment
• College and graduate degrees earned
• Criminal history over the past ten years

A background check is basically used to determine whether applicants are telling the truth about their pasts or not. The number one thing a firm asks when doing a background check is, “Do the facts match up?” Apart from an applicant’s previous address or credit history, corporate firms are mostly concerned with an applicant’s education and former employment details and also they want to know the answer for the questions like, “Did you actually graduate from college?”,” Did you work for that company?”…This includes providing a thorough background check on every candidate, whether it’s a criminal background verification or employment verification.

While you hire employees you are entrusting these contributors with growing amounts of accountability. They will be around your clients and other employees. You will have to consider that the individual is ethical and has integrity. Whether or not it’s high time to cut down the danger of fraudulent acts or to strengthen the safety, you will have to continually depend on background checks to make your decision.

 “It is more cost effective to weed out the bad seeds before you invite them to work at your company.”

This is what Fourth Force does for us! Fourth Force is a leading background verification company that provides all kinds of employment background verification with reliable reports on time. Fourth Force is unique among the other background verification companies because of their physical field verification. Fourth Force has branches in 29 states all over India with 4000+ employees who are all ex-policemen and former CBI officers. Identity checks, Employment Verification, Antecedent verification, Insurance Claim investigation, Bank security, Security verification, Cab Driver Background Checks, Distributors/suppliers/vendors verification, Post warehouse leasing verification are the background check services provided by Fourth Force.

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