Background Checks and Reference checks on your Employees shall Strengthen your Company

Running background checks may be certain that you’ve employed a safe and trustworthy staff. Background checks help your business to take a stand against violence which in turn helps you to create a safe work environment and maintain good employees around you for the long haul. Background checks are important because they may be able to reinforce your company’s bottom line in a huge number of ways as follows:

  • It preserves your company reputation
  • It keeps your business in compliance with certain laws
  • It helps to make the most of your hiring processes
  • It helps you to hire the right people
  • It protects your business from negligent hiring lawsuits
  • It creates a safe work environment
  • It protects against embezzlement and fraud

A background check entails expansive reference checks, such as checking with an applicant’s former employers and other professional and personal references which ensure that an applicant is telling the truth about his or her college degrees, job history, professional certifications, and skillsets. This will likely support you to separate the liars from the rest, and make sure that you are hiring the right employee for the right position.

“Past Performance Is Often the Best Indicator of Future Performance”

Reference checking is not optional. Obtaining a couple of references makes it possible for you to verify consistency among respondents and to demonstrate that you have made reasonable efforts to confirm the validity of information given on the application or during the interview.

Generally there are three ways to do reference checks:

  • Calling to check references
  • Writing to check references
  • Personal Visit to referee

Before making calls, its good practice to prepare a list of questions and be aware that questions should be job-related and legal. When you invite applicants to the selection process, request them to come up with a list of employment references. The list should include the name, title, organization, address, and telephone number of the references. Those candidates who appear to be finalists should be verbally advised at the interview that references will be checked.

Actually background checks and reference checks are performed to identify the values that define them during the hiring process with former supervisors upfront that speak about the candidate’s track record and high-quality indicator of a candidate’s future potential.

There are so many background verification companies that conduct background checks through online or by the phone calls. Among them, Fourth Force a leading background verification company in India performs background checks through physical field verification. Fourth Force performs employment background verification by going directly to applicants’ university to check the truth about his educational documents and check with the previous work places to make sure about his past employment details. After the strong background verification process, Fourth Force team will render the reliable reports to the concerned organization on time. So, Background checks and reference checks may help you to choose a riskless employee to the company which helps in strengthening your company assets.

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