Fourth Force Cracks the whip on false Insurance Claims of your Policyholders

Insurance frauds or false Insurance claims exist when people mislead an insurance company to collect money to which they are not empowered. Most of the insurance companies are affected by this insurance theft or insurance frauds throughout India. To avoid this fraudulent act, insurance companies are conducting the background investigation before making their transactions. Background Investigation brings the truth behind the insurance claims and helps the business owners to be in a safer side without any loss.

There are massive line up of background verification companies in India, among that every business owners believes in Fourth Force for its ethical work. Fourth Force is the best background verification agency in India having 100+ former police personnel as a team (ex-policemen and former CBI officers) who are sincerely working against the frauds and forgeries.

The following scenario explains deeply about how Fourth Force acts against the insurance industry’s crime:

An owner of a famous textile shop in Hyderabad had claimed insurance for the fire incident that happened in his shop. He demands 5 Crore for the loss but it was a huge amount for that insurance company to pay for. Later on, Insurance Company had approached Fourth Force team in Hyderabad and requested them to perform background check to verify the real truth behind the fire accident. Fourth Force officer in Hyderabad had immediately started his ground work and reached the spot (textile shop) and investigated about the fire accident happened on that day with the land owner and other people over there.

Fourth Force often follows physical field verification rather than verifying through phone calls. They found that Owner was lying because his statement differs in written and oral abruptly. Atlast they came to know that the situation has been created by the owner artificially to claim huge amount from the insurance company to get rid of loans. This is one kind of insurance fraud concerning home, business, or other insurance policies covering commercial property or personal property.

Here are a few commonly used techniques handled by Fourth Force team during an insurance claim investigation:

  • Thorough Inspection and Forensic Analysis
  • Inspection to verify the claim
  • Previous claims/accidents search
  • Insurance coverage analysis
  • Witness interviews
  • Claimant background check

Fourth Force always works with the motto: “Verify before you trust”

And the above incident was found as a cooked up story by the Fourth Force team of professionals that saved Insurance Company from a huge loss.

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