Negligent Hiring of Employees can Cost you Dearly in Future

Almost majority of the company in India would have gone through the bitter experience of Negligent Hiring. Negligent hiring can be found when the employee consecutively misuses the authority given by the employer. None of the employers is ready to take a necessary action to avoid the bad hires. Negligent hiring results in violence in the work place, injuring someone or even customers creates liability for the employer.

For example, it could be the Delivery boy, for whom the management failed to check his records such as driving license, police cases and more which affects the employer when the new hire made accidents. Or it could be the security guards, for whom the management failed to check his past criminal history which leads to burglary and assassination. Eventually, negligent hiring leads to employer risk.

If a customer or anything for that matter gets affected or damaged by the employee of the company, then they may able to make a claim against the employer. To avoid such things, it is a must to perform background checks on employee’s qualification, criminal past records for the particular grade. If the employer detects any negative reviews based on his/her criminal records, then it can be submitted as an evidence to make sure that employee is not suitable for that particular designation. So every employer must conduct the background verification as a part of hiring process on each and every employees to know about their past and to maintain their records to avoid hassles in future.

This scenario illustrates more about the trouble faced by the employer due to negligent hiring:

A person with burglary convictions in past had joined a healthcare company. Employer has placed her as a caregiver to seek a patient in a client’s home without performing any of the background checks on her qualification, references and previous employment records. Caregiver attempts to rob the household but her activities were caught in the CCTV camera and she was confronted by the patient’s sister at home. The sister was assaulted by the caregiver while trying to prevent the robbery. This scenario strongly describes the effects of the negligent hiring.

Statistics of the negligent hiring due to false information:

  • 50% of applications contain inaccurate information.
  • 30% of application forms contain fake details about experience, education, and job skills.
  • 9% of applicants falsely claimed college degree, listed false references and employers that didn’t exist.
  • 11% of job applicants misstated why they left a previous company

“Every employer has the obligation to exercise due diligence in hiring”

Normally, background investigations of new employees include reference checks, pre-employment background checks, and educational qualification verification and ascertain whether the potential employee has any criminal records. Fourth Force is the one stop solution to stop hiring employees negligently.

Fourth Force, a background verification company in India runs a pre-employment background verification process which contains all records about the new hire such as educational records, past criminal history records, references list and more which helps the employer to choose the best and valid employee to maintain the business safely and securely without hassle.

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