Is The CV Of The Job Seeker A Pack Of Lies? Fourth Force Verifies!

Falsifying information on a resume is becoming a trend these days, but not all resumes are conceived with malicious intent. Job candidates tend to hide the truth when they feel the need to embellish their resumes to stand out from the pack. Job candidates make the blunder of being creative on their CV’s without worrying about the consequences.

Forged certificates, grade sheets, employment letters or salary slips are false instruments in the eyes of the law that can land anyone for that matter behind the bars.

Faking Their Qualification:

Applicants are embarrassed that they don’t hold a degree, so they fake a degree just to have a job. Hiring a candidate with lack of training and experience leads to poor hire and increased cost where you’ll have to start all over again to find an ideal employee. A bad performance and lack of skills by your employee can cause your customers to lose confidence in your organization.

Fourth provides an advanced background check to make sure that the hired candidate has the perfect skills and knowledge to perform the job. A per- employment verification, degrees, professional credentials are verified by Fourth Force Physical Field Verification team.

Modifying The Dates Of Employment:

In order to cover up the gap in their work history applicants lie about their date of employment. Infact many can stick to the same job for so long and they keep hopping the job quite often. Women trying to get back to work after raising a family stretch time lines by modifying months and years. The most shocking fact is that applicants hide the time they spent in prison.

A thorough background check by Fourth Force will help you identify dates of employment so you can easily identify any gaps that may not have been obvious on the curriculum vitae.

Inflation Of Previous Salary:

The benchmark for determining compensation for a new employee is often the previous income. It’s obvious that every one of us wants to make as much money as possible, so it’s natural that applicants inflate figures on their CV’s in the hopes of drawing a huge pay from a new job. It’s better to cross-verify the pay slip before hiring a candidate to confirm information that is provided to them as being correct or inaccurate.

A lot of time, effort and money are invested while hiring a new employee. A background screening uncovers the inaccuracies on resumes.If you need a reputable employment screening company to provide you with reliable, accurate background checks on ADDRESS VERIFICATION, EMPLOYMENT VERIFICATION, EDUCATION VERIFICATION, CRIMINAL VERIFICATION, REFERENCE CHECK and so on contact Fourth Force.

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