Background Verification Checks – Crucial to Avoid Frauds

The educational and job experience documents of your job applicant will not evoke any suspicion. The job aspirant comes dapperly dressed to the interview, communicates impeccably and wins your trust. Landing in a managerial role, the employee will have a good time with all the perks you offer. One fine morning, by a certain means you will come to know that this manager has forged his educational documents. You fire the manager and later lament for all the time and resources you spent on this employee.

Yes, this is the case with many people who forge their documents and grab mindboggling offers in the corporate world. Fortunately, MNCs are waking up to this reality and taking necessary steps to hire only the genuine candidates. Companies do the basic background check from their side and then depute the task of background checks to Background verification firms.

The need for background screening and how Fourth Force helps

As the job market is growing by leaps and bounds, many job applicants, with the sole agenda of getting placed, are resorting to unethical practices. If, not having enough qualifications is one major concern, the other serious concern is habitual offenders, stalkers making their way into your swanky office. They cause numerous troubles by harassing their colleagues and land your company is legal troubles, which will then become a long drawn process for your company.

Here, at Fourth Force, we offer background screening services to all companies, ranging from small-sized to Multi-national companies, across the length and breadth of India. With branches in every state of India, Fourth Force has the capability and resources to conduct the verification of potential employees or existing employees with exceptional professionalism, integrity and courage, the qualities that the investigators at Fourth Force imbibed during their long experience in Research and Analysis wing, Central Bureau of Investigation and Police departments of various states.

Educational Qualification check

Getting a Counterfeit degree isn’t difficult as there are many such illegally run “firms” that handover degree certificates. Differentiating the fake from the real needs an eye for detail. Cross-checking with the university mentioned in the certificate is another way of verification. However, a company that hires employees in big number may find this a daunting task. Fourth Force, with its 100 plus and growing number of investigators, directly goes to the concerned university, speaks to the respective authorities about the job aspirant’s doubted degree, and offers you the report in a short span of time, thereby helping you to keep such an aspirant at arm’s distance.

Criminal background check

Anti-social employees having a history of committing offences aren’t desirable to companies. However, these people speak flowery words and enter the workforce. IT companies, BPOs, Retail, banking, e-commerce, cab-aggregating companies or any other, the need for employee verification has now become mandatory. Remember the sexual assault on women in cities like Bengaluru and Delhi by cab drivers, hired by a famous cab-aggregator?

All that said, background checks aren’t restricted to knowing the truth behind the tall claims of potential and existing employees. Fourth Force offers a slew of other verifications like Antecedent verification, pre-matrimonial verification, address verification, logistic verification and more.

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