How does Physical Field Identity Verification Works?

Trust, reliability, security and safety are a few factors which we take for granted. Compromising on them will certainly not augur well for you, your family or your organization which does business. In a world where crime and forgery are seeing an unprecedented rise, people with malafide intention may infiltrate your place, be it office, educational institution or your home, posing as reliable employees, students, service providers and more. Such people forge documents, speak soothing words and finally win your trust, thereby landing in the job they desire. Secondly, there are also firms with dubious distinction of cheating the public at large. Such firms launch fraudulent schemes and defraud the public.

Your organization does not deserve an employee who forges his documents and lands in a job, where you offer a hefty package. Such an employee will not only bring adverse publicity to your organization, but will also play a role in bringing a downfall to it. On the other side, if you are an individual looking to make investments, you can’t take the risk of investing your hard-earned money on schemes launched by fly-by-night firms.

An even bigger threat looms large if you are hiring an individual with criminal track record to serve at your home. Hiring a domestic help, a cook, a baby-sitter, a care-taker, a car driver or any other person is something most people do without giving much thought. This puts them at a greater risk, both for their life and property. But, when all such hiring happens with due care, will you not breathe a sigh of relief?

Fourth Force addresses your fears and concerns

Fourth Force is a professional background verification company, which offers a range of background verification services for corporate, banking and retail sectors. It helps them to make a right decision when it comes to taking an employee on board. Fourth Force is also the brainchild of eminent people who have served in various capacities in the departments of Intelligence (RAW), Public safety (Police) and Investigation (CBI). Having served the nation in their respective capacities, they are now connecting directly with the public, whose safety and security they always strived for.

What makes Fourth Force different from the rest is, it has got a dedicated team of full-time and upright investigators who execute background verification of people all round the year and across the nook and cranny of the country. The eagle eye of the team members will leave no stone unturned when it comes to fact-finding and verification. To put it simply, Fourth Force separates the sheep from the Goats.

Physical field verification – doing it right!

Nothing can match physical field verification, for catching the erring individuals or firms. This is where Fourth Force comes to your help. Our personnel, with decades of experience in nabbing the culprits and habitual offenders, will get to the field and carry out the verification at the grass root level. They comply all regulations and laws and find facts in matters of residence of an individual in question, registered address of the firm in question and more. Our talented sleuths keep a constant vigil, enquire in the neighborhood and gather all such details that can prove an individual or a firm is authentic, reliable and trustworthy or not. We present you the holistic report with all our findings and suggestions, making it easy for you to take a right decision.

With impeccable services to offer, our job at Fourth Force is to ensure that you take right decisions. We want you, your business to garner all the limelight for all the right reasons. While you concentrate on your personal well-being or business’ well-being, we will take care of all the background verification checks you need to be done.

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