Fourth Force- A Forerunner in Physical Field verification

It’s More Cost Effective To Weed Out The Bad Seeds Before You Invite Them To Work At Your Company.

The experience of the physical field verification and the expertise gained over the processes has given Fourth Force an advantage which is now gainfully helpful to serve our clients passionately.

Whatever the nature, size and depth of your hiring program, you can count on our extensive range of verification services, and our capabilities and competencies, to get the job done.

Our Services Include:

  • Credential check
  • Identity verification through Pan Card/ Aadhaar Card / voter ID / Driving License /Passport
  • Antecedents
  • Address verification
  • Educational Qualification check
  • Professional license/ Certificates
  • Employment gap
  • Past Employment
  • References
  • Criminal Background check

Fourth Force entirely believes in envisioning a fraud free nation. Fourth Force is made up of a group of noble-minded, strong-willed and highly talented individuals coming from various fields and distinguished personal careers.

Employee Background Verification:

Almost all organizations carry out background checks and they are becoming a routine part of job application. Once you are done with your interview process and you meet all the qualifications required for the job, comes HR with an e-mail stating “You need to undergo background verification before you proceed with the next step in the interview”.

If you have been asked to fill a background check form, it’s a good sign that the company is very much keen on hiring you.

What all are revealed in background check?

This process varies from organization to organization. Here are a few things that are revealed in background check:

  • Address verification
  • Credit history
  • Past employment
  • Duration of employment
  • College and graduate degrees earned
  • Criminal history over the past few years

Things that you are looking for in background verification?

Consider that a candidate has claimed few factors about him in his resume, when a background check is performed on this particular candidate you can determine whether the applicant is telling the truth about his pasts. Recruiters are concerned about the candidate’s education qualification and past employment and the first thing that pops up in their mind is “Do the Claims Match?”

How about the Red Flags?

Red Flags usually generate when the claims don’t match up, For example: Mr.X has claimed that he’s graduated as Computer Science professional from YYY University, after going through a series of background check if the claims don’t match up then a red flag is raised.


Red flags can also be triggered by any of the following:

  • Criminal background
  • Bad credit
  • Date of employments that aren’t accurate

If you have any criminal record or a bad past it’s better that you confess your history to your employer, before a background check is done. The more details you provide your HR representative, the easier it is to pass the background check and move on to the final stages of your interview.

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