How Background Checks Works for the Insurance Industry


Belies the Truth – Fourth Force

“Rahul sir!!!!” squeaked our Insurance Company’s front desk lady right into my ears, early in the morning. Phew!!! I’ve got to report to the residence of Mr.Thathachary, a senior man in gerontocracy. Following the Mr. Bean’s style of getting dressed up on the go in my car I landed into his posh residence, still half slumber captivated. No servants anywhere, not one to be at the gate even. What kind of a rich man is he, I kept wondering as I smelt the lush ripened mangoes hanging in the tree in his home, while I took stroll into his drawing hall.

Mr. Thathachari, an elderly VIP was a deep pang to look at with a fractured pelvis (hip bone). A speeding car has hit him and run. Having spent a lot on various scanning and diagnostic procedures, his family wanted a wholesome insurance coverage. A promise to them about an instantaneous claim and a call to my detective Mr.X (our background information liaison), former CBI employee and now working with Fourth Force was made.

Mr.X from Fourth Force arrived and took a quick input from me, Mr.Thatha and his orthopaedic surgeon. A little later, Mr.Thatha calls me up to relinquish his claim. After mandatory questions I agreed to relinquish his claim as well.

In Stepped Mr.X, from Fourth Force and began narrating. Initially Mr.Thatha said us that the incident took place at around 8.30 AM in the busy area near Buhari Hotel in Chennai. He said to have been hit by a speeding car and thrown, a few feet away. On investigation, sarcastic discoveries spilt. No human would fall on his back when hit by a speeding car and instead would injure his legs first. The time quoted was 8.30 A.M. when Mount road traffic snarls and snail passes with no mere leeway for a speeding car to have caused havoc.

The ward boys who moved Mr.Thatha in a stretcher admitted that they found him draped in a lungi. “A man of such stature wouldn’t walk on the road at busy hours wearing a lungi”, claimed Mr.X from Fourth Force. Mr.X spoke to Mr.Thatha and said he didn’t want to defame his name saying his claim was false and hence requested him to withdraw the claim procedure himself. I understood as to why the call regarding the claim request cancellation was made.

It has become a routine occurrence where people create scenes to claim insurance. So every anecdote has me extending gratitude to Mr.X and his company Fourth Force that has never failed in keeping us flabbergasted. Through networking, hi-fi mail passages among the ex-police RAW and ex-CBI employees hosting organization, Fourth Force’s liaison with us for background verification is a boon to us.

“Hey dude!! I agree it wasn’t an accident, then what it actually was?”, I quipped. “Did u smell and witness those ripened mangoes on the tree, unattended in the garden path to his residence, Rahul?” asked X. He said the miserly Mr.X had ascended the tree by himself to pluck those mangoes and fell flat on his back injuring himself. There are many Thatha’s out there, and if not for Fourth Force, things would have been difficult.

“Things come apart so easily when they have been held together with lies.”
― Dorothy Allison, Bastard Out of Carolina

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