A Glimpse at Background Screening process

“Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides!!” Fourth Forces Unveils him

“Happy birthday, dude”, I trumpeted into the phone’s mice, and sprightly came the reply: “Thanks bro!!!!” So Mr.X from Fourth Force, my beloved detective, my personification of the legendary James Bond was on a roll celebrating his birthday in Jamshedpur with his family. I am little contended that I don’t have an obligation for him today (I am Rahul, the senior claims consultant of XXX Insurance Company). Our MD’s acquaintance’s car has been damaged ruthlessly in an untoward episode and consequentially a full claim has been demanded. Vroom!!! Flew the inquiry mission to Mr.X from Fourth Force, of course with a lot of reluctance I initiated the call (hold your abuses fellows 🙁 !!). I sent him the minutiae over e-mail (remember Fourth Force is well connected online through its well established web network).

Mrs.Radhika had parked her car outside a mall when a lorry had allegedly rammed onto her car and fled the scene. Mr.X from Fourth Force, I and Mrs Radhika had a conference call and the recounting seemed legit. Mr.X passed on the case to Mr.Y from Fourth Force who for the first time was going to be partnering with us. I and Mr.Y called on the spot and found the vehicle documents intact and up to date. Mr.Y sneaked out his mobile camera, shot the chassis number on the engine panel, door pane, wheel base, body mark and the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and made a few shots and sent it over to Mr.X over e-mail. (Fourth Force with 29 offices and a well tied network is a verification company that we are proud of).

I readied the documents to process the claim when an inward bound alarming call from Mr.X and Mr.Y with Mr.Z toppled the scene (an ex Forensic Department official, now with Fourth Force). He added that the car’s VIN doesn’t match the makers’ and the chassis number has been tampered with. Mr.Abhilash (Freelance Chemist) came and added a chemical solution to the number bearing unit of cast iron (copper sulphate, ammonium sulphate, ferric chloride and few other dilute acids constituted the chemical) and just as a bolt from the blue, the original chassis number turned legible. A call to the maker’s headquarters publicized the piece of evidence that the authentic chassis number bearing car was reported missing 3 months back in Kolkata flaunting the registration number WB-01-BD-****. The car has now been renumbered with all documents as KA-01-DC-****. The claim was cast off outright, nevertheless we, busted a gang of high profile car thieves too.

“Happy Birthday Mr.X” I whispered with an apologetic tone and impulsively came the rejoinder “Dude, my job’s my passion”. I realized how able-bodied Fourth Force is. Commitment from employees, each one eloquent of the modus operandi given that they’ve had their stint with such organizations as CBI, RAW, Police and Forensic Sciences. With the satisfaction of having concluded a case in less than 8 hours time I hustle to the movies to rejoice my wife’s birthday. Now do you comprehend how I remembered Mr.X’s birthday? 🙂

“A single lie discovered is enough to create doubt in every truth”

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