Unearth the claims of your new hires

One of the most powerful assets every company has is its employees. Regardless of the industry, it is the employees who can transform the company’s long standing goals into reality. So, as an entrepreneur, one of your most crucial tasks is workforce management. It’s your responsibility to ensure that you have the right people hired, to keep your company running smoothly.

Hiring a candidate simply without screening their credentials, can inevitably result in decreased productivity and poor performance. Today many candidates come, make tall claims and grab a high position within duration of few minutes. Literally many employers have faced several challenges by not screening these tall claims made by them. If the claims made by your employee turns out to be false, then it’s a waste of your time and effort. Are you taking steps to ensure its genuinity? It is essential that you recruit only someone who can actually fit into the job position.

Background verification of new hires usually include processes such as employment and educational qualification verification, pre-employment background check, reference check and criminal record histories. These checks can furnish you with the following details:

• Credit history
• Former employment
• Certifications earned
• Criminal histories in the past decade
• Experience in the prior concern
• Reason for termination and more.

Thus Background verification serves as a basis for evaluating the claims of your new employee.

Conducting background check isn’t hard, especially when you take the services of third party. Though there are several background screening companies out there, Fourth Force is one that is highly specialized in undertaking background verification cases. With a group of strong professional people from distinct fields mostly from Police force, they have their mission to achieve fraud-free India in future. Fourth Force has more than 4000 employees and 29 branches all over the country. They undertake intensive verification on subjects like Employment Verification, Identity checks, Distributors/ Vendors verification, Insurance Claim investigation and more. Spending some time in choosing the right candidate can be worthwhile. So with Fourth Force you can decide whether to expand your workforce or not. So what have you taken into account, while adding your new hire?

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