Be smart. Be vigilant. Conduct thorough executive screening!

Realize the need for an executive background check when you are looking for someone who needs to work on your company’s cash flow, sit behind a desk or go out in the field, they are representing your company and brand. The hiring process for high-level executives should be done cautiously because they are the ones who handle the big numbers, be privy to trade secrets, and sign non-disclosure and non-compete agreements.

Recruiting someone for a high-level job without conducting a comprehensive background investigation could be detrimental to both the health and viability of your entire company.A thorough look at their background is necessary to ensure the safety of your business. A comprehensive background check is able to provide objective and crucial details about:

•Past performance

With technological advancements being at the fingertips it’s easy for someone to forge and falsify degrees, experience, documentation, employment record, references, and identity. An executive background check by a renowned professional at Fourth Force will uncover the real truth, no matter what someone’s resume says. The entire company and brand’s credibility, legitimacy, and worth would all be called into question when you hire someone with a bad past. Background checks are essential not only for individuals applying for executive positions but for every position in the company.

The depth of executive background checks performed by a professional private investigator goes far beyond the standard background verification, a complete investigation into a person’s professional life reduces the risks an entire company is taking on by considering this individual for hire. Don’t allow friendliness or shared interests deter you from doing what is right for your business. An executive background check by an experienced Fourth Force investigator is a safeguard for your future and the future of your business.

We offer an extensive range of verification services for corporate. We also offer background checks that cover external corporate resources like vendors and distributors, and domestic services resources like maids and drivers. As professionals with a sound understanding of the latest regulations, you can be sure that what we do and how we do it is secure and compliant. Whatever the nature, size and depth of your hiring program, you can count on our extensive range of verification services, and our capabilities and competencies, to get the job done.

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