A detailed executive search can indicate all the red flags

Not everyone is fortunate enough to earn an executive position in an MNC. Let us go deep down and experiment the miserable scenario witnessed by several candidates.

After completing four long years in an engineering college, the candidate becomes aware of unavailability of campus placement. Not only the students of engineering college but the students of arts are also broken – hearted over this prevailing issue. So what do they do on completing 4 years? As a fresher from engineering background they set up their journey to hunt jobs in good reputed companies. But only handful of them settles down with their goals accomplished. While other strives really hard to fulfill their motive but before they are recruited, there comes the next batch of fresher’s. Sad isn’t it? So what do they do now! At this stage, when they are deprived on their career, few of them take a wrong path. Their friends who are now settled down in big MNC’s will be asked to gather counterfeited documents. So with great fear, they sketch out to approach unauthorized companies that run with the objective of providing fake certificates and documents.

Today the cities are flocked with these tiny firms equipped with few employees, who try and gather hopes from these dejected candidates. They charge small to medium amounts to grant them the needed certificates. Finally these candidates are contented and start attending interviews in big reputed companies and mostly MNC’s. In order to make their forged certificates appear genuine, they prepare hard day and night. Finally they get selected in big reputed companies and stay pacified.

Are the employers undertaking Background Verification? Usually few MNC’s conduct several rounds like technical, aptitude to be cleared by the candidate. So once the candidates who clear all the rounds, they short list and provide them with offer letter. Only few take up the background checks to ensure the certificates provided are genuine or not. Negligence to this verification can cost these companies a lot. Totally unaware of their actual experience with the faked certificates provided they easily earn executive positions when compare with others, who have been working honestly.


•Recently Mahindra Satyam lodged a complaint against 15 employees for submitting forged certificates. The police filed the cheaters under sections 468, 420 and 471 of the Indian Penal Code.

•A 53 year old lady forged hundreds of cheques and was sentenced to 7.5 years’ jail.

•In the academic year 2012-13 and 2015-16, Mumbai University has detected about 900 forged certificates.

So what should be done next?

With such incidents increasing in an alarming rate, it is highly necessary for the employers to take up background verification, to trouble shoot these red flags. These employers should surely adopt the service of agencies with the objective of bringing out such counterfeiting acts to light.

Fourth Force is a private Indian company equipped with web enabled system for quick delivery throughout the nation. It is dedicated entirely for unearthing information pertaining to Employment Verification, Identity checks, Insurance Claim investigation, background information and more. These cases undertaken by them specially concentrate in detecting the genuinely of the high claims made by the candidates, drivers and more. The high professionals equipped by the company hail from different fields and are mostly ex military serviceman and police professionals.

So, anytime you have a suspicion on your employee or anyone’s, you just need to send us your queries online. Regardless of the time and grievous of the case, Fourth force will definitely come to your service.

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