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Fourth Force – A Unique Destination to Background Verification

It’s been quite a long time since I have recounted an anecdote to you. Here comes an additional slice of a heart poignant affair that I happened to envisage, in the near past. Oh yeah for the new readers, I like to acquaint you with myself Mr.X , senior detective of the South zone of Fourth Force headed by Mr. Saleem Ali .And yeah, back to the episode now: there have been very scarce instances when I have been penitent having taken up a case and put forth a clarification to it. This is one among them.

I was entitled to a case in a private engineering college in the city.I was confronted with a very delicate case. The correspondent with paramount confidentiality, opened up to me, as the room was seething with higher officials of the college’s management. He presented to me the case of background verification of the certificates of Mr.Raju(name changed), Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Communication Engineering. Dumbfounded, I attempted to know the purpose and leapt the truth throwing me into another shocker of a news.

Afore to the commencement of the investigation, (I had already sent the scanned copy of the certificates to my branch office of the respective state through an e-mail) I congregated some summary from the students. Every student with utmost sincerity and esteem and tears brimming up in their eyes opened up. “Raju sir is our demi-God. He taught us Science, communication and the lessons of our lives”, plenty of magnitudes of one man. “He is way ahead of the Head of the Department in handling subjects”, yelled one. “I love Digital Signal Processing because of Raju, sir”, said another girl with lot of deference towards that human.

His scientific publications and collaborations communicate for themselves. The management had no adverse things to project. Fourth Force is wild in such background information collection. We are well allied with branches all over the Nation. Our employees are ex- army and Police officials.

Meanwhile, I got to meet Mr.Raju who conveyed the scene to me. He belongs to an economically weaker section of the society. Without having the privilege to have a regular academic background, he worked as a sales boy in a book store after a Diploma in ECE. Later, he developed so much passion that his experimental designs in certain seminars were widely accepted. Friends enthused him with counterfeit documents, and he landed up in this engineering college as an Assistant professor. Having securedinnumerable sanction from Scientific funding agencies, and making successful liaisons with a myriad of Universities, came the blockade for Raju. Another man from the same University, suspected his education and brought it to the notice of the management.

No sooner than Mr.Raju concluded his confession than the report from Fourth Force arrived declaring all his documents counterfeit. With great regret I passed on the information to the highers. The management was deeply pained as well with the separation. While the process of termination with a legal complaint commenced,I, with tears welling up shook hands and gathered the courage to speak in my trembling voice : “Raju you will make it big man..U will get your worth”.

Raju, bidding farewell to the horde of his lovable students, and lovely management turned to me to whisper these lines straight into my ears, signifying his never dying spirit and enthusiasm:

The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep; And miles to go before I sleep – And miles to go before I sleep.     – Robert Frost

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