Background Verification Services for On-Demand Home Service Apps

Background investigation or a background check is the process of researching and gathering commercial records, financial records and criminal records of an organization or an individual. Usually these checks are conducted by those employers hiring individuals for positions of high security and trust. These checks are executed by several companies in various countries. These checks disclose vital information’s like the employee’s credit history, criminal history and past employment verification. Additionally, the owner can get to know about his employees details like his character and past mistakes.

Every year 1, 00,000 individuals are killed throughout the world. The world is no longer safe and secure for the inhabitants in the countries around the globe. Several cities like NCR and Delhi has witnessed evident crimes ranging from burglaries, robberies and murders. After the occurrences of such life threatening incidents in the world, it is really ominous to stay alone at our house. People in several cities across the nation are terror-stricken over such incidents occurring often.

There is a steep hike in the cases related to crime involving domestic helps. This has resulted in an abrupt increase in the background verification services to home services.  Nowadays we hire people so easily to lessen our burden but practically speaking it can overburden you. We easily hire workers especially nanny, maid, servant and watchman. Are you aware about their background? A bad hire can cost you more especially in these cases, since they work in close proximity with your family. Recently several cities like Chennai and Delhi has witnessed several murder and rape incidents accomplished by home service.

There is new trend in hiring these people today. The Apps, today there is apps available for almost every field we come across every day, such as for beauty, transport, cooking, news, home services, groceries and more. Many of us our lethargic over hiring people especially in the case of home service. We don’t ponder about their background information, all that we do is, download the app and hire people. Your laziness and cost you deadly in the near future.

Some of the tips that would help you verify your home service people are:

  • Maintain a copy of their recent photograph.
  • Visit their residence and confirm their address.
  • Retain a copy of their ID proof and other legal documents.
  • Keep a note on who referred the person to you.

Additionally, when you have a suspicion on your home maid then the best and effective way is to hire the services of professional companies, which undertake background verification. Fourth Force is a private Indian company that undertakes background verification for problems pertaining to robbery, cheating and fraudulent. Having an objective of achieving fraud free India, has 29 branches all over the nation with web enabled system for quick delivery. They are usually hired by firms and MNC’s to undertake background verification on suspicious employees and also investigate the insurance claim cases. They quickly execute the requests by performing a research on the candidate’s criminal history, educational records and past employment details. The agency has records of cracking down several cases by undertaking direct field verification without performing virtually.

Before you hire an employee or a home service, go ahead by consulting Fourth Force. They will definitely come to your rescue in times of emergency regardless of time and field of suspicion.

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