Your new hire could be a past convict. Time to do a thorough Background Check!

Background investigation or a background check is the process of researching and compiling information on commercial records, financial and criminal records of an organization or an individual. There are two important checks that need to be accomplished before hiring candidates for any companies. Especially if you are going to hire employees for security and trust worthy positions that it is very crucial for you to carry on these tasks. Let us go through the two checks essential while hiring a candidate.

•Check on Educational Qualification
•Check on Criminal Background

Check on Educational Qualification:

Today the earth is turning to an evil and money driven planet. The latest trend being adopted by many in the society is to do anything for earning some money. So getting a forged certificate is no big task for anyone today. There are several organizations running for creating counterfeited certificates in great numbers. As an employer, we should never fall into such a perilous prey. But this could be a great task for those employers, who hire employees in large numbers. But there is nothing impossible, there are several public and private agencies developed to aid these companies in such issues. Thus, these companies provide you with reports about whether the claims made by the candidate are true or not. The educational qualification verification may include might include research done on credential verification, professional reference verification, employment history verification and more.

Check on Criminal Background:

Every employer/owner would like to hire someone who has no criminal background history. It is very essential to lookout for professionals who could track down on any criminal cases on them. Negligence of such check can really cost you more! Incidents like slitting throats, sexual assault, murder in cities like Chennai, Delhi by taxi drivers and constructers, has been the mere results of not undertaking such background checks on candidates. Usually people with such criminal backgrounds will be high–sounding and also throw high claims like working in a reputed company since several years, earning several thousands and more.

Fourth Force is a leading private agency that undertakes background verification for all kinds of employment around the world. It is equipped with former police officials, who crack down the complicated cases by undertaking physical field verification. Some of the services offered by the company include Educational qualification check, Criminal Background, Address Verification, Insurance investigation and much more. Additionally they also offer other verification like pre-matrimonial verification, logistic verification, address verification and antecedent verification. The company’s employees have served for several years in Central Bureau of Investigation, Police departments and Research and Analysis wing.

It is always safe for you to consult agencies like Fourth Force before you hire candidates for positions of security and trust. The famous proverb, Stitch in time saves nine needs to be pondered before hiring employees in large numbers blindfoldedly.

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