Are you sure about the identity and credibility of your cab driver?

The world is literally turning into a threatening place to live, due to the increasing number of crime, fraudulent and forgery cases around us. Today, it is not possible to believe people blindfolded like the earlier days. Everywhere we turn; there is some kind of cheating involved in the society. So the word comes no way between us and the people we meet every day. The days have passed, when our parents use to trust even the passerby going in the street. The news channels today keep flashing incidents of cheat, fraudulent and related throughout the day. So in today’s world, hiring a stranger has been a great task for the employer or anyone who needs to.

The auto rickshaws especially in villages, towns and also in cities overcharge the customers and are also not available at the neediest hour. This havoc was overcome by several private cab providers, who have started running their cabs and autos in the cities and also in the outskirts. With the advent of this idea, people have started to cling to them in large numbers. These private companies also provide application facility for ease access and meter charge. Besides such interesting features provided by them, we need to consider certain issues and especially the following two pertaining to them.

  • Lack of Background details
  • Trust worthiness

Today it is not that easy, to get to know about someone’s genuine background. But usually we tend to overlook it and move on. For instance, if you would like to visit to a mall with your friends and your dad or brother is not at your place. Then what do you do? Just open the app of a cab provider, click ride now and just move away. But have you ever pondered about the person who is driving the car is really a good or a bad one?

In our busy schedule, we tend to forget to gather their background details before hiring them. But yes, we are not provided ahead about their background details to decide our ride with them. Cab Driver Verification is very crucial to save ourselves from the dangers of being negligent. So negligence of such vital information can surely lead us in consequences like cheating, robbing or related problems. Tackling these problems has been a great headache for the police professionals. These cases are handled and solved by them in few months or even take years.

Fourth Force, a one solution to common problems like cheating, fraudulent, robbing and so on. They have their mission to achieve fraud-free India in the near future. They are a group of strong professional people from distinct fields especially from the police force. They have about 29 branches all over the country equipped with web enabled system for quick delivery. They are professionals who are trained in the process of verification on matters pertaining to Insurance Claim investigation, Employment Verification, Identity checks, Cab Driver Background Checks and more. Fourth Force strives hard to tackle the issues brought to them, by gathering information pertaining to their background, career, friends and colleagues circle.

So now you need not think before pressing the “RIDE NOW” button. Be aware! Stay safe with ‘Fourth Force’.

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