Diligence background Screening Is a Must to Expose Several Forged Document Cases

“You Know…. We Make You Know It Much Better”

Early Friday morning, the uninterrupted tranquility creates a spur in my mind. It has to be shadowed by a hectic obligation from our partner XXX insurance agency. As expected the receptionist of XXX concern blows horn: “Mr. X right now boss wants you here. Niranjan the claims consultant from our company is on the way to pick you up”. The call gets disengaged as I attempt to inquire about Rahul from XXX Insurance (Senior Claims Consultant), the process who usually escorts me to probe claims investigation.

“Grinnngggg” rings the bell and soon before I realize Niranjan opens upto me. “YYY textile’s admin block has burnt down. They are appealing for insurance”. As we reached the spot, I was underway with my formality questions. “What is the loss?” Some really important documents have burnt down, susurrated an employee. We went to the spot to discover the place completely gutted. Fire rescue people had extinguishes it off in its early stages. “Electrical wiring short circuit is said to be the reason” hastened Niranjan.

“Absolutely No traces of white phosphorous or petrol/ diesel”, spoke Niranjan, We started driving back to our office. “When was the construction launched?”, I asked him. “A few months back” he replied. “Any idea about the building promoters engaged?”, Our verification agency from the other part of India got in touch with us through Fourth Force’s well connected network. We have ex-employees from Police, Raw etc.

BW agencies from Mumbai had done the construction. I rang up and got to know the brand of wirings used by the construction agency. “Electrical short circuit cannot happen at all, that guy is lying”, I shouted. Niranjan argued initially. Later he gave up and said : “ OK, now tell me what is your share, How much do you want ?”. I’m sorry Niranjan you are on a conference call and being heard by our employees all over. He then admitted to have been bribed to grant the insurance claim. The documents burnt were all old important Tax documents.

The fire was started with a cloth made of torch. The windows were purposefully kept open in the AC hall to enable oxygen supply. “Clever, but greed got you here”, I replied and handed over the decisions to XXX insurance company and walked back home, satisfied. Fourth Force has been fair throughout all the cases. We maintain company policies well, hence the trust and rapport that we share with our partner concerns and individuals grow by leaps and bounds since our inception.

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