Get the Information Required On Suspicious Individuals with Fourth Force

A cab driver attached with a taxi aggregator was arrested by the police for indulging in robbing 5 passers-by’s expensive phones and purses. The culprit has attached his cab to one of the leading cab service providers and used the uniform as a decoy to commit thefts in the city.

This case explicitly points out to the negligent hiring of the employer. Employers are at a big risk if they fail to check facts and references for genuineness before hiring any candidate. A careful hiring decision can be made possible only by performing a thorough background verification process.

An elite business magazine quoted that “Almost two-thirds of job applications feature false information” Candidates tend to hide few facts in-order to get their hands on job. Employers are facing a hard time finding out the truth after the tweaked facts have initially been relied upon. An employee with a suspicious past could be risky when presented for customer facing, there will always be a chance of misdemeanor and felony, which is against the customer interest.

Numerous considerations must be taken into account while performing a background check such as past reputation, conduct, organizational behavioral and more.

Background check can reveal the potential candidates’ past problems that may signal the candidate’s optimality for the company. Knowing about your to-be employee protects the customers, fellow colleagues and organization from someone who can damage reputation, relationships, and company growth.It should be made mandatory that a candidate should be hired only after the background verification is successfully attempted. In contrary a bad hiring decision could lead to severe consequences for the earned reputation. A thorough inquiry into the hire’s background along with the right references could add valuable insights into confirming an employer’s decision.

Of all the companies in India that offers you comprehensive, quick and cost effective background verification services, there is only one Force that offers you thoroughness of screening as well and that is Fourth Force- A leading background verification agency in India. Fourth Force is powered by former investigation, intelligence and law enforcement officers with notable achievements under their belt.

Fourth Force does not employ the services of third parties. Instead, they have extended their footprint to every state in India with offices in every state capital. That’s 29 offices in total. They also have a growing ground force of over 100 former police personnel. So, whichever part of the country you need verification done, Fourth force squad is fully equipped to do it reliably.

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