Run a Pre-Employment Background Check To Assist You In Negligent Hiring Litigation

Are you still thinking that it isn’t necessary to conduct a background check on an employee, consider what might happen to your business if you hire the wrong person? Background verification are essential for uncovering the truth about another person. You use an applicant’s or employee’s background information to make an employment decision.

Background checks are often used by:
•Potential employees’ applications are looked by employers to get information.
•Landlords doing due diligence on new potential tenants.
•Individuals who are willing to know about friends, new boyfriends, or anyone else they are suspicious of.
•Private firms performing background verification to be sure on cab drivers, Home maids, security guards.

“A good background check company should provide a minimum of seven year history for any individual.” If your job applicants are way past their college years, consider leapfrogging to those days and background verify that your candidates actually did what they say they did during that time. You should definitely conduct Education, pre-employment and criminal checks on your employees because your employees are those people, who are going to be responsible for your company’s most valuable assets.

Even top-notch professionals’ lie about their past in the resume. The more consistent you are with your background check process less likely your business gets into trouble. The wrong employee may turn out to be violent, and, if you didn’t do your due diligence, you could be sued for negligent hiring.

Business definitely needs an extensive background checks on employees. Especially for candidates seeking a position that requires high security or a position of trust, such as in a school, banking sector, hospital, financial institution or child care. Employers rely on background verification agencies as a cost-effective means to objectively verify a job candidate’s personal financial responsibility, criminal history and to identify potential hiring risks for safety and security reasons.

Fourth Force brings with it competencies, capabilities, and technology to arm you with 100% background information having years of experience in locating critical information for employers. We have means of entry to information sources that others don’t. You pay only for the verification service you need at a price often less than what you will pay anywhere else, and what you get in return will be current and accurate.

Smart employers don’t risk their business. Trust your employee background check to Fourth Force so you can rest easy knowing that your employees and business will be safe.

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