Fourth Force bolsters your company to hire the best and genuine talent

Hunting for a right talent is quite a regular problem for organizations, hiring is always an on-going process for any organization. It is important to have the right people into the right seats as you scale the organization. Having the right people reduces the amount of bureaucracy because they don’t need to be managed.

Companies conduct background verification on job candidate’s professional and personal lives in order to make a determination on which candidate will be best suited for employment.

Dailies regularly report stories of employees with falsified profiles. Recent incident includes:

  • A leading MNC in India asked about 100 employees to leave when background checks revealed discrepancies in their resume. The MNC even lodged complaints against the employees and the recruitment agencies.
  • A driver brutally stabbed a female employee to death. On Further investigation it was found that the driver had concealed his criminal past.
  • A senior software professional boasting certificates from IIT Mumbai and 15 years of corporate experience was on the verge of receiving a job offer with hefty package when background investigations revealed that the certificates from IIT were fake.

Individuals tend to falsify their resumes in the quest for better and higher paying employment opportunities to get an edge over their peers. People tend to forge and modify their educational qualifications and work experience in0 the hope that such misrepresentation won’t be verified.

Background verification have always been on the recruitment checklist of HR departments in India, this process vary significantly across different sectors and different company. An experienced employer should validate candidate’s educational qualifications, past employment records, work experience, criminal records and identity check, such as a passport, driving license or income tax registration number. An effective verification process should also involve contacting past employers and former managers and supervisors. Leading Firms in India have implemented stringent due diligence process to identify the falsification of records.

Some companies have developed processes for vigorous technical and HR interviews that help spot anomalies in education and work experience, but most of the companies Background checks are an essential step for organizations to take when considering prospective candidates for positions. Personal reference verification also provides an additional insight into the character traits of prospective candidates, often giving human resources managers a more well-rounded overview of who a candidate is in terms of strengths and weaknesses.

Fourth Force a leading background verification agency in India offers you a comprehensive, quick and cost effective background verification services. Our force also offers you thoroughness of screening as well.

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