Are your new hires beneficial for your company? Verify with Fourth Force.

Human capital is the most precious asset owned by any business. Normally companies especially the MNC’s spent an enormous amount in hiring employees for their business and also additionally invest a lot in their training. But hiring a wrong employee can cost you more. Background check for employment hiring cannot be turned a blind eye. Instead it should be considered as an essential part in the candidate selection process.

Employment sector is one place where people commonly fabricate their information. In the year 2012-2013, reference discrepancy accounted to 9.93%, education discrepancy was estimated to 1.81% and address discrepancy was 7.108%. Background verification usually comprises of extensive checks such as Professional Reference Check, Address Verification, Education Verification, Credit and Integrity Risk Database Check and more.

An exhaustive background check of a candidate can reveal you:
•Genuineness of the applicant’s academic records.
•Accuracy of candidate’s credentials.
•Past employer existence and genuineness.
•Period of employment.
•Fraud Investigations
•Criminal records and more.

It is necessary that you ensure those whom you hire are exactly the ones who they claim to be. Outsourcing background processes to background verification companies is the safe way to ensure the trustworthiness of your new hire.

Fourth Force is a private Indian company with professionals from divergent sectors like intelligence and law enforcement and investigation backgrounds. Their officials have served with distinction for several decades in the RAW, State Police and Law. Fourth Force holds the record of cracking several economic crimes like JMM, Harshad Mehta, NRHM scandals and Ketan Parekh in the country. They have their regional office located in 29 states all over the country. Their background screening covers both corporate sectors and domestic sectors.

The best part about their service is that, you just need to send your request online to process your request. They unearth information pertaining to Employment Verification, Identity checks, Insurance Claim investigation, background information and more. They are also hired by MNC’s to undertake background screening on suspicious employees. On such requests, they quickly perform a research on the candidate’s criminal history, educational records and past employment details.

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