Weed out Cab Drivers with Criminal Past to secure your Commuters

The daily commute is an activity that most of us cannot shy away from, but how safe and secure are you with the cabbies you randomly bump into? Considering the growing concerns over the passenger’s safety, it is must for taxi providers to carry out background verification on cab drivers before hiring them. .

Today it is not that easy, to get to know about someone’s genuine background. But usually we tend to overlook it and move on. For instance, if you would like to visit a theatre with your friends and there is no one to drop you back home. Then what do you do? Just open the app of a cab provider, click ride now and just move away. But have you ever pondered about the person who is driving the car is really a good or a bad one?

The recent rape murder of a Kolkata minor by an O** cab driver has raised multiple questions, not just about using cabs but also about the state of mass transport.

The country needs well behaved drivers, and this can be possible only if these drivers go through a series of vigorous background checks. Never hire a cab driver without verifying his background this can put your passengers at grave risk and can also pull your firm’s reputation down.

If your goal is to provide a frictionless experience for passengers then it’s your utmost duty to verify your new hires.

Fourth Force a leading background verification agency in India offers you thoroughness of screening with its comprehensive, quick and cost effective background verification services. Fourth force is exclusively staffed by former CBI, RAW and State Police officials having years of skill and experience. Verify your new hires and bring in the much needed change into your business.

“Quality is everyone’s responsibility and we never have to stop getting better” -W.E. Deming – Jimena Calfa

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