Go Beyond the Traditional Background Check

Everyone is aware of recruitment, isn’t it? It generally involves resume screening, phone and face-to face interviews, assessment and job offer. But wait a second! We have missed one of the core elements of any recruitment, its nothing but Background Checks.

Many wonder whether pre-employment checks during the recruitment process are worth the additional expense and time invested. But there is a popular saying that goes, “What you don’t know can hurt you!” Today many organizations are realizing the risk for not conducting pre-employment checks. In today’s competitive market, individuals are more appropriate to hide certain aspects of their past to appear more captivating to their recruiters.

Why is it so important, from the recruitment perspective? There are different types of background checks available such as credit report, criminal history search, motor vehicle records, employment verification, education confirmation, reference checks and credentials and licenses. Each type of check can furnish you with vital information and varies significantly depending upon the position for which you are about to hire. For instance, if you are about to hire a driver, it is essential that you scrutinize his criminal and past employment histories. If performed the right way, these background checks can protect your from choosing negligent candidates.

Recruiters have the full rights to know about the individuals they are about to enter into a legal relationship. They own the right to screen their past to make sure they have not hidden anything in their past. So it is essential that they take up the services of background verification companies to educate them with the credentials of their new hires.

Fourth Force’s pre-employment due diligence, address more than just financial and criminal history. With a nationwide network of former police personnel’s, CBI and RAW they offer comprehensive background verification checks. Fourth Force thoroughly screen the candidate’s credentials and experience and further checks whether they are accurate and meeting the requirements of the recruiters.

What next? The recruiters then only need to pick out these well-qualified individuals and set up interviews. Make the right hiring decision by running background check with Fourth Force.

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