Screen your Security Guards before hiring them.

When you are hiring a security guard for your firm/ concern or for your apartment, you should conduct a series of background checks before you approve the person for that particular position. The Security profession has strict background check requirements. The type of background checks differs depending on the type of security guard job.

Security guard for an apartment or an independent bungalow will go through one type of background check that includes a thorough background check along with address verification, whereas the security guards for banks and other official sector will go through a vigorous screening such as finger print checks, background checks, and even a check on criminal record.

If you want to safeguard your employees and workplace then be very cautious about whom you hire as security guard. A wrong hire can put People’s lives at stake. Guarding assets and properties worth a sizeable amount can be a tough job. So, Doing background checks are one of the tools that you have at your disposal to make sure that the right person for the job has been hired.

Some incidents occurred due to inadequate Background verification checks:

Jun 2016 – An Australian woman was allegedly molested by a private security guard posted at has been arrested and sent to Tihar Jail by a local court.

Oct 2016 – A 40-year-old security guard was arrested for allegedly molesting a 10-year-old girl at a residential apartment complex.

Oct 2016 – The 21-year-old security guard, arrested from Bengaluru in connection with the murder of celebrity perfumer.

With such inhumane incidents, the government is compelling all the organizations, Firms, Educational institutions etc. in the country to undertake background screening services on every individuals who are being hired. It’s high time to undertake the services of Background Verification companies to safeguard ourselves and valuables from uncertain circumstances.

Fourth Force is Pioneering in Background verification services staffed by former RAW, CBI and Police officials and have a network of 29 state offices in the country. Some of the services operated by them are Insurance claim investigation, Bank Security, Cab driver verification, Criminal Background Check, Antecedent Verification, Vendors Background Verification, Employee Background Verification, Identity Checks and Distributors Background Check. They go in-depth by conducting physical field verification when estimating every individual record. If they fake it, you can break it with Fourth Force!

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