Retrieve your candidate’s untold past with Fourth Force

Recruiting is a crucial function of the human resource management. Hunting for the right fit is something that will never stop. It involves a wide range of comprehensive processes encapsulated within it. Cost-consciousness and tight timelines often induce recruiters to go easy on checks and verification.

Why you should retrieve your new hire’s past?

• 56% of candidate’s inflate their resumes.
• More than 7500 companies are operating just to provide counterfeited certificates, so it is not that hard to get a forged certificate/degree in the country.
• No platform for companies where information of fraudulent candidates can be found.
• Many candidate’s cover their gaps by extending their employment duration.
• Some also falsify lofty titles to leverage higher pay.

With the economy rapidly burgeoning, recruiters are finding an increasingly competing job market. Thousands of candidates’ might be seeking for a particular position, so finding those hidden gems that can be just perfect for your company can be rigorous. Background checks are the most efficient way to verify the credentials of your new hire and are performed at the final stage of the candidate selection process.

Most people think of a background check as a simple criminal history check but in reality, a background check is much more than that. It involves digging in deep into a candidate’s qualifications genuinity, criminal past and employment history, it something not that easy to crack down! With several white collar crimes emerging and also uncover the red flags, it is time that you go the extra mile and conduct background verification checks on your employees.

The background verification companies can help you in:

1. Safeguarding your organizations valuables (assets).
2. Significantly reduce your turnover by hiring the right candidates.
3. Protects your earned reputation.
4. Promote safety in the working environment.
5. Find candidates who fulfill your expectations.

Fourth Force is a leading private background screening company functioning in India. With professionals from law enforcement, investigation and intelligence backgrounds, Fourth Force has cracked several crimes in the country like Ketan Parekh, Harshad Mehta and JMM. They conduct background screening on Employment Verification, Insurance Claim investigation, Identity checks, criminal background, bank security and Driver background.

By precisely considering all the relevant sources provided by Fourth Force at your disposal, make the best decisions for your organization.

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