Are your new candidate’s resume veracious? Fourth Force comes to your Rescue.

Do you really think that background checking the candidate’s resume is a poor use of time? During the time of economic challenge background verification of your potential employee’s credentials becomes even more important.

As a recruiter, you now have the responsibility to find out the fluff and falsehoods of a candidate’s resume in order to identify which candidate really have the skill, characteristic, and ability that your firm needs. In today’s fast paced workplace it’s so easy to give up the background verification step especially if you are rushing to fill a vacancy when a seemingly perfect candidate has appeared.

A standard background check is a vital part of the recruitment process. Pay a bit more close attention to any discrepancies that may arise between the candidate’s resume and what references say. A fair percentage of recruiters tend to be careless about candidate’s work history and dates of employment but these data plays a vital role in the progress of your concern. These are the few alarming facts that something is not right.

Learn The Red Flags:

There are many bits of information on resumes and applications, which should immediately get your attention and warn you of potential problems. Keep the following common red flags in mind as you get closer to securing your next job:

•Employment gaps
•Omissions of past employment
•Inconsistent educational achievement
•Poor credit history

A background check can be carried out in different ways, At Fourth Force we perform a genuine physical field check by verifying the background history of a person. Fourth Force believes that background checks are important for strategic business planning.

Fourth Force is powered by former investigation, intelligence and law enforcement officers with notable achievements under their belt. Some of them come with honors like the ‘President’s Police Medal for Distinguished Service’ and’ Police Medal for Meritorious Service.

In a complex country like India, Fourth Force can provide a nationwide network of 29 state offices and a ground force of 100+ former police officials with vast experience can deliver truly authentic and reliable background physical field verification.

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