Are you hiring a genuine or a spurious candidate? Scrutinize them with Fourth Force.

How do you select a right candidate for your business? This much contentious question is at the heart of hiring process. A bad hire may lead to taking on someone who isn’t up to the job, Infact it may also lead to even more serious issues such as security breaches or reputational damage.

With more people on the job market, it seems as though good candidate should be easier to find. It costs a significant amount to hire a candidate, not just the obvious costs but also management’s time in interviewing, training and getting the candidates up to speed. When you are planning to hire do not try to put the right words in his/her mouth!  Remember, the candidate wants the job and will be looking to say the right thing to impress you.

Remember that you are hiring a new employee. Collect, review and weed out applications and resumes, and then select the most qualified candidates for further consideration. Then comes the final step “Background Verification”. It is more like buying a fantastic residential/ commercial space; however good it looked, you would have a survey done. It would be foolish to invest all that money without proper verification. Background checks makes sure that your candidates have the qualifications they say they have, who they are, and they have done what they say they have. That means not fully depending on the information on a resume.

“The risk of a bad hire isn’t just that the person will be unproductive, it can cause serious reputational damage.”

Background screening is a multi layered process. A background check delves deeply through the past records of the candidate. Quite recently, a woman with a decade long proficiency in her career was found out to have a fake Engineering degree, revealed a Leading magazine in India.

The sleuths at Fourth Force will jump into action and start the process of verification on any matter related to the job applicant or employee. Our shrewd officers will execute the process ethically and abide to all the legal regulations.

Anytime you need verifications done, you simply have to send us your requirements online. Our devoted backend team will immediately process your request and hand it over to the respective territorial teams for rapid execution and closure.

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