Fraudsters throw bogus insurance claims to be benefited. Fourth Force seizes them red-handed

Insurance fraud is the act committed with the purpose to obtain outcome from an insurance process in a fraudulent way. It is a big, unending problem in almost all countries around the world. Such rip-offs cost a whopping amount for these governments. Today everyone is looking out for the best ways to make a quick buck! In the event of expecting quick returns, sometimes it takes the form of gaining through forged insurance claims. According to a recent survey, the number of forged insurance claims accounts to 10-15 % of total claims in India.

Some of the insurance fraud claim cases are given below:

<p align="justify"> Mr.X claimed Rs. 43187 for the treatment of Malaria and later investigation proved that the hospital was closed since three months.

<p align="justify"> Mr.X made a plan to fake his insurance company by claiming Rs. 43187 for his Malaria treatment in a hospital that never existed.

<p align="justify"> Mr. Z attempted to cheat insurance companies out of Rs. 64993/- for Dengue Fever tests and later investigation proved that the patient’s brother was a staff in the same hospital.

<p align="justify"> Mr. Arun claimed Rs.38105 for being hospitalized for Malaria, but investigation proved that the person was never admitted for any treatment in the hospital.

Due to lack of adequate checks, many get benefited by making fake claims and literally getting away without any requisite verification. Now there is no need for you to worry, there are several companies out there, who can save you from getting hitched.

In the midst of several background screening companies in the country, Fourth Force is a private screening solution offering comprehensive background checks for distinct sectors. Some of its services include Criminal records, Employment history, Cab Driver Background Checks, Antecedent verification, Educational qualification and Insurance Claim investigation. The company has professionals mostly from police, RAW and CBI.

With 100+ former police personnel’s, Fourth Force gets to the bottom of the claims, whether it is medical insurance, general health insurance, accident insurance, vehicle insurance or home insurance. We are currently investigating hundreds of claims that are presumed to be fraudulent.

Nobody can take you for a ride or claim insurance without legitimate reasons with Fourth Force!

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