Background verification validates past for better Future

It’s been quite a long time since I have recounted an anecdote to you. Hey guys hope you all are doing great and yeah for the new readers, I like to acquaint you with myself Mr. X, senior detective of the South zone of Fourth Force headed by Mr. Saleem Ali .And yeah, back to the episode now.

On a busy Tuesday morning our support team got a call from insurance agency, the officials were sounding terrified. The agent started to narrate the incident about a forged insurance claim made by a woman and the agent is quiet suspicious that the lady claiming to be the dead man’s wife is legally not his wife. With no further ado our expert team was completely geared up to solve the hidden mystery.

Our squad landed up at the women’s place. We expressed our deep sorrow over the passing away of Mr. XYZ and started with our formal investigation. The lady was responding quiet shilly-shally. Dumbfounded, I attempted to know the purpose and leapt the truth throwing me into another shocker of news.

Mr. XYZ was deceased in a hospital owing to a chronic cardiac illness and passed away last week. As other procedures are complete, our officials found that Mr.XYZ son’s age is 27+, on further investigation we were able to find the legal heir certificate for proof and their certificate of marriage is dated 2005.

I, Mr. X from fourth force knew that something was terribly wrong; Mr.XYZ is also not alive to tell what happened. I had started drilling the lady with questions. At one point she actually gave up, initially the lady told us that her marriage with Mr.XYZ was registered late. Then on digging and investigations we found out from ZZZ Insurance Company’s old records that nominee is another lady named viji (name changed) who is 60 plus and is registered as his wife.

Now the lady and the son who claimed insurance agreed that she is Mr.XYZ’s second wife and legally registered their wedding late to get the dead man’s properly benefits. I, Mr. X explained the entire story to the insurance agency officials and left the scene.

“The tongue may hide the truth, but the eyes – never” -Mikhail Bulgakov

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