Why you should never overlook Background verification checks?

Analogous to finding the right match for your life, finding the right person for your company is become tricky these days. Knowing a little bit about your new candidate is never going to suffice you! You need to get involved in exhaustive investigation processes to ensure that the person you are hiring is the perfect choice among the pool of job applicants. Today many employers are keen to get the right candidates on board.

While interviewing applicants we usually do not ask them face-to-face if they have genuine documents. Because we never want them to feel that they are doubted on their credentials. As the proverb goes ‘Never judge a book by its cover’, so just because an applicant seems to be clean in his/ her conversation with you, that doesn’t mean that the person has all his/her documents are clean and genuine as well.

Some reasons as to why you should delve in Background screening checks:

  • Staggering Crime Rates- An overwhelming amount of 572,000 non-fatal crimes happened in the American workplace.
  • Fraudulent Credentials- The statistics of 2013, has estimated 50% of candidates forging their previous job experience certificates.
  • Counterfeited Institutions- In India, there are about 7500 fake companies and 2500 fake universities.
  • Negligent Hiring- Hiring a wrong candidate might result in you (employer) being liable for his actions.
  • Protects your Liability- Employers endorse enormous amount in conducting periodic screening to maintain a competent workforce.

These cases are highly avoidable by conducting background checks to ensure that the new hire has no criminal records or other factors that would result in creating a havoc working environment.

Thorough background checks will significantly improve your firm’s hiring success rate since they help you to see the whole picture of an applicant and probably help you track their loyalty or skill sets required to complete the job requirements. There are several background screening companies out there and one of the best among is Fourth Force.  Fourth Force is a Background Check Company in New Delhi that runs Background Verification checks for different sectors ranging from commercial, corporate and domestic.

Fourth Force goes as in-depth as possible when estimating individual records of every applicant. These professionals immediately process the request by setting out a sketch in a well systematic way. Today mostly the human resource professionals and recruiters hire the services of Fourth Force to get their job done.

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