Are the references provided by your new hire genuine?

Checking a candidate’s former employers and other personal and professional references can either make or break job seekers at the end of the recruitment process. A critical part of the hiring process is checking the background of employees who you are considering for your organization’s open position. Freeing some time to pitch and chose qualified candidates reference checks can be really worth every penny!

Why conducting a proper and thorough reference checking is important?

•Reference Checking can exhibit the fairness and equality of each applicant shortlisted in your recruitment process.
•It can assure you to make better hiring decisions.
•These checks can help you to identify and exclude those candidates with unpalatable workplace history.
•Reference Checks can unearth dis-confirming evidence about a job applicant.
•You can identify the candidate’s performance in particular areas.
•It can embellish information about their past on-the-job performance.
•Forecast whether the candidate will turn out to be a high-yielding member of your organization.

Simply screening the job seeker’s employment titles and date’s will never disclose valuable credentials needed while making hiring decisions. It is essential that we concentrate more on the information arriving from applicant’s references. But today many businesses fail to pursue this ‘low hanging fruit’ when hiring their new hires. They fail to recognize the importance of this crucial step while hiring the candidate’s. Reference checking need not be conducted on every applicant appearing for the opening but deploy on only those who run across the early stages of the hiring process.

One negligible step in the process of recruiting a new candidate can cost you dearly. Never make a job offer until you have done with reference checking. Exhaustive reference checking is the”due diligence” for hiring the right employees for your organization. Background Verification companies can disclose high-potential candidates and also confirm information on the applicant’s application form. Fourth Force is an Indian company with professionals from CBI, Police and RAW undertakes Identity checks, Insurance Claim investigation, Criminal verification, Antecedent verification and Cab Driver Background Checks.

Fourth Force conducts high integrity reference checks and focus on specifics to provide clear-cut reporting. They undertake physical field verification to follow-up candidate’s personal/professional references. You can save yourself from huge ramifications by spending some time and resources outsourcing reference check to Fourth Force.

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