Eliminate reputational damage caused from wrong hires with Fourth Force

The most important asset any organization owns is its resources. Before hiring an employee, you should always train yourselves to make better decision and not just hurry up to meet your recruiting pipelines. This is because the consequence of hiring an underperforming or inefficient candidate can be destructive to your firm, whether it is small-sized or huge. The cost of hiring them can affect one’s company in various ways including, finance, productivity and also expenses that are hard to quantify such as reputation or resource morale.

The bold statement, ‘Not every hire is genuine’, is becoming more vivid these days.

• Equal to 50% of candidates include inaccurate information on their resumes
• Create bogus bonafide and degree certificates
• Fake job experience
• Inflate job titles

According to the Labor Department, replacing an employee can cost you one-third of your new candidate’s annual salary.

This is what you will end up wasting with when hiringa wrong candidate:
• Recruitment time and cost
• Salary up to 6 months
• Training costs
• Impact on existing resources

To overcome such catastrophic incidents, organizations should start looking beyond the resumes and scrutinize the skill set candidate brings to them.

Such incidents have resulted in acceptance of background checks by major organizations as an added assurance that the potential employee is genuine and also to help them undertake better informed decisions. Such screening can also help these recruiting firms to minimize their overheads resulted in hiring wrong candidates.

With 29 branches all over the nation, Fourth Force a private background screening company offers wide range of comprehensive services for diverse sectors including Cab verification, Employee Background Verification, Supplier or Vendor Verification and antecedent Verification. Their professionals follow multi-faceted approach (physical field verification)in addition to other techniques for faster reporting. Withmulti-disciplinary resources from backed by experience Fourth Force ranks highest in background verification sector.

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