Crime rates committed by Cab Drivers have increased more than any year

App-based taxi services have done more than just change the way we commute over the past couple of years. They have made our lives much easier. The booking process is quite simple, they are competitively priced and these app-based taxi services work well in all the major cities. All this is fine, but are these cabbies are genuine? Is it safe for a passenger to commute with these drivers?

Crime rates committed by Cab Drivers have increased more than any year, With the rise of number of cab driver scams throughout the world, you should be cautious when dealing with people you don’t know especially when you are traveling with them.

The country needs well behaved drivers, and this can be possible only if these drivers go through a series of vigorous background checks. Never hire a cab driver without verifying his background this can put your passengers at grave risk and can also pull your firm’s reputation down.

Criminal background verification is must for the cab drivers because the person whom we are hiring must be trustworthy and they need to be very passionate towards the work because they help us to spread our business and create a brand awareness for the company, if the cab person whom we have hired is involved any kind of malpractice then our brand reputation will be ruined completely and it will become a far-fetched dream to re-build our business after that, hence we need a criminal background check to decide whether the person is genuine enough to be hired.

You can background check your new hires with the help of Fourth Force- India’s leading Background Check Agency. Fourth Force is Pioneering in Background verification services staffed by former RAW, CBI and Police officials and have a network of 29 state offices in the country. Some of the services operated by them are Insurance claim investigation, Bank Security, Cab driver verification, Criminal Background Check, Antecedent Verification, Vendors Background Verification, Employee Background Verification, Identity Checks and Distributors Background Check.

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