Avoid mishaps associated with wrong hires through exhaustive checks

Hiring a candidate with falsified resume is becoming a trend these days. Nearly half of all job applicants include inaccurate information on their resumes, and a flat-out lie about their experience or education. Job candidates make the blunder of being creative on their CV’s without worrying about the consequences. Forged certificates, grade sheets, employment letters or salary slips are false instruments in the eyes of the law that can land anyone for that matter behind the bars.

Employers conduct background verification on job applicants for several reasons and the background verification process varies according to the kind of job designation candidates apply for.

Almost majority of the company in India would have gone through the bitter experience of Negligent Hiring. Negligent hiring can be found when the employee consecutively misuses the authority given by the employer. Negligence of such check can really cost you more! Incidents like slitting throats, sexual assault, murder in cities like Chennai, Delhi by taxi drivers and constructors, has been the mere results of not undertaking such background checks on candidates.

A multitude of background checks are undertaken by Fourth Force a company dedicated entirely for unearthing background information, Insurance Claim investigation, Identity checks and more pertaining to employees, cab drivers or any individual. The company comprises of 100 plus employees from various fields including ex serviceman, former military serviceman and police professionals. Our executives quickly execute the requests by performing a research on the candidate’s criminal history, educational records and past employment details. Our agency has records of cracking down several cases by undertaking direct field verification without performing virtually.

In a complex country like India, only Fourth Force with a nationwide network of 29 state offices and a ground force of 100+ former police personnel with vast experience know how to deliver truly authentic and reliable background verification services.

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