Before you offer a job conduct a thorough reference check

Confirming your new hire’s past work experience is one of the most important background checks an employer can conduct. Reference checks are one of the common areas where an applicant may falsify information.

Reference checking will verify factual information such as dates and places of employment, as well as to provide useful information on the applicant’s work history. When reference checks on employees are done, they don’t care about exact dates, but they do care about months. If they discover that the dates were manipulated to hide a hole in employment history or to skip listing a very short they would be concerned.

Reference Check Process:

  • Applicants must be informed that references mentioned in their resume will be checked.
  • Reference calls should not be restricted to references listed by the candidate. Always call the current employer or the last employer, whether that person is listed as a reference or not.
  • Reference checking can be completed before or after the interviews.
  • Avoid questions that are unrelated to qualifications or performance.

Background verification have always been on the recruitment checklist of HR departments in India, this process vary significantly across different sectors and different company. An experienced employer should validate candidate’s educational qualifications, past employment records, work experience, criminal records and identity check, such as a passport, driving license or income tax registration number. An effective verification process should also involve contacting past employers and former managers and supervisors. Leading Firms in India have implemented stringent due diligence process to identify the falsification of records.

Actually background checks and reference checks are performed to identify the values that define them during the hiring process. Before making calls, its good practice to prepare a list of questions and be aware that questions should be job-related and legal.

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