Elucidate insurer’s credentials to combat forged insurance claims

Fourth Force – Fearless Furrowers

Calm as a cocoon, silent and far-flung from the turbulent cacophonic reality, lies this deserted small piece of land where I am reclining, rejuvenating, unduly unwinding and introspecting myself, justifying the deeds of the past year. The golden threshold of the new year benevolently embraces me as it surreptitiously imbibes me into it.

(Yeah readers I can hear your voice. Readers : “Where is Rahul and what are you going to narrate today..??!!”)

I am X, the detective from Fourth Force. Rahul is the senior claims consultant from XXX Insurance company. Rahul calls me now and demands my presence in their company for a claims grant verification. “What is it Rahul ???!! tell me over phone, murmur I”. “No Mr.X. You start driving and I’ll narrate it on the go”.

What I comprehend is this:  XXX Insurance is on the verge of summoning a claim grant of about a few lakh to a luxury car owner, whose car has been vandalized in the Varth(a?) Cyclone that shook Chennai off its legs. However, Rahul suspects a foul play. As I draw into the office, Rahul drags me to the home of the insured. There positions the car itself, with its windscreen reflecting damaged artifacts , and the driver side of the car completely devastated. On conversation, the owner Mr.Gautam recounts that he was driving the car on the roads of Besant Nagar beach when the gusty belittling winds of the Varth(a) cyclone wholly elevated the car and lobbed it aside.

Sounds legit though. However, my brain contemplates inquiries over it. My mechanic Siva zips in on a humble request over a call. A quick analysis, and he says :” Sir, This is an accident.” He shows us the completely thinned out metal disc of the brakes. The tyre’s treading has lost about an inch of itself. The steering axle is completely cut-off.

After this privy chat, I call on Mr.Gautam for interrogation. He narrates to have driven the car from the Church towards the KFC restaurant at the end of Besant Nagar beach (he uttered this without a forethought. We guys from Fourth Force have served the Police, Intelligence etc., in the past).  If you, the readers are familiar with the geography of the location, you will know that he says to have driven from the South direction to the North direction which implies that the driver side was facing the east direction. The wind bellowed from the East which logically means his car should have toppled to the passenger side (west). Owing to the insurmountable pressure, he confesses to have rammed the car onto a median on the road having driven the car in an inebriated condition, a few weeks back, coinciding with the Varth(a) fury days.

There, the curtains have gone down on this peculiar case and time to rejoice the birth of the nascent year. Hope the year serendipitously guffaws surprises at us.

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