Hire right candidate and improve the productivity of your resources

“The More Right people Hired, The Fewer Wrong People Fired” -Robert Half

Hiring Mr. Right has always been a toughest part of the recruitment. Often employers are being duped, it does not cost you a fortune to background check a candidate before you have come to own him. Background Checks are a cost-effective way to minimize hiring the wrong candidate. Background checks legally meet contractual obligations and keep insurance costs down.

usually look out for as much background information as possible about the potential applicant before making a job offer. Not that the employers are desperate to find about the applicants past, but since candidates at times tend to breach the trust employers have on them , employers everywhere around the globe are not ready to hire a candidate without background verifying them. If there is something negative in your background, be prepared to explain it and why it shouldn’t affect your ability to do the job. Sometimes it’s legal for an employer not to hire you or to fire you because of the information in your background report.

Background checks reveals facts including education qualification, course completion, degree majors, exact date of joining, job designation, salary details, employment history and why candidate left each job. We suggest you to carry out a proper candidate background checking to spare your company the negative effects of resume and job application fraud. Background screening is a multi layered process. A background check delves deeply through the past records of the candidate.

Fourth Force is a leading private background screening company functioning in India. With professionals from law enforcement, investigation and intelligence backgrounds, Fourth Force has cracked several crimes in the country like Ketan Parekh, Harshad Mehta and JMM. They conduct background screening on Employment Verification, Insurance Claim investigation, Identity checks, criminal background, bank security and Driver background. So, you can definitely approach Fourth Force to sort out your suspicion on criminal backgrounds against your employees or staffs.

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